dual flush vs HET

tanuriMarch 10, 2014


we are replacing 5 toilets for a remodel and i was initially thinking dual flush everywhere. the total difference between what our showroom recommended (kohler persuade) and what i came up with based on reviews (toto aquia) is about $200.

then i did some research and people think that if you pick an amazing 1.2 gpf HET, there's no need for a dual, plus they don't have cleanliness issues like the dual flushes.
so then i decided on the toto eco drake, and the difference between this and the aquia is $200 per toilet, lots of money!!

what is the general consensus on what to pick between these two options? also, i am thinking about trying to find a cheap/generic option for a seat that would fit a toto toilet - has anyone done this? the thinking is, doesn't work with budgets right now, but i probably want to upgrade to some kind of washlet eventually - so why buy a crazy expensive toilet seat.

the general consensus in my home is that i am spending too much time thinking about toilets, any input would be much appreciated :)

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HI. I don't have the Toto Aquia so I can't speak to its effectiveness or cleanliness issues, but I do have two dual flush toilets, and I wouldn't buy another.

I do have the Toto Vespin 11 which is a skirted version of the Drake, and I love it. I was able to negotiate a really good price from my plumbing supply place, (they beat the best offer I could find). So, I would phone around,and just ask for best prices. I know the Drake/Vespin has many satisfied customers.

Having said that, do all 5 toilets have to be the same? And perhaps a good deal can be made when you buy 5 toilets from one supplier?

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