Ford Taurus

wormAugust 18, 2006

Was just looking at the Ford web site. Appears Ford doesn't make the Taurus anymore. Is that right? What's the replacement? Thought the Taurus was one of the most successful cars of all time. Shocks me if they quit making it.

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I just typed "ford motor company" into my google search and picked the Ford site out of the search results. At the very top of the page is a small window in which I typed "taurus" and hit search. About halfway down the first page of results is a place to order options on your 2006 Taurus. Entering, I was pleased to find that certain options were/weren't available for the 2007 models. I think this means at least a 2007 model, although in light of the fact that Ford was recently passed in sales by Toyota, they might have rethought things. I hope this is not the case, as I have a '94 wagon with nearly 200k. It's a daily driver which gets me something over 25mpg in my 35 mile round trip to work--and this with the air conditioner running. Aside from minor things broken when I bought it six years ago and a radiator replacement (I did find a guarantee from a transmission place indicating serious work had been done, but I haven't had any problems there--knock on wood) I am very happy with the car. If they still have a station wagon available when I finally get a new one, that's where I'll start looking first.

Here's hoping--

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Replaced by the FiveHundred. Or will be I guess

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i thought the fusion was the replacement. by the way the ford dealer up here was selling new 06 tauruses at 10995.00 pretty well loaded up. after seeing how toyota is doing, i would say the taurus replacement is the camry hahahaha

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The Taurus is available to fleet operators -- rental-car companies, taxi companies, government car pools, etc. It's not sold to the public through dealers anymore, though if you have a dealership with a fleet-sales rep you might be able to get one.

The replacement is the Fusion. The Five Hundred kinda fits -- sort of -- but really is designed to bring Ford into a new market (sport-utility sedan, if you will).

The Taurus was a great seller when it was introduced, but then Ford decided to make it a "styling exercise" and the public turned away from the all-ovals-all-the-time styling (probably to lose their lunches). By then, quality was no longer Job One at Ford and the car was getting old. It couldn't match the Camry for reliability or the Chrysler equivalents for styling. Time for something new...

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I thought the fusion was to replace the Coutour.
I'll take your word for it but due to the available engines, a 2.3 I4 and 3.0 v6, I'd still tend to think contour, price ranges seem to put it at fully loaded contour/ base model taurus. Tough call.
It's placement in the Ford food chain even fits perfectly where countour used to live. Just a guess though.

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Steve_o is right, if I recall, although I understood from old Ford press releases that both the Fusion and the Five Hundred were replacements for the Taurus, for different segments of the mid-size market; the idea was to offer more options between the Focus and Crown Vic.

IMHO the size chart should read:
Five Hundred
Crown Victoria

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...Oops, forgot Mustang, but that's a niche car. :)

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And you also left out the GT. (new) But so did I.
Problem is escort, Contour and Taurus are no longer in the game. I guess we'll see who buys what and then draw our conclusions.

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If you miss the Tarurus.Consider a Buick LaCross they look a lot a like the Tarurus.Thats why I do not like the Buick La Cross they look to much like a Ford.

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I think ford styling was excellent until they went into this boxy as hell phase. Hottest looking cars on the road. Too bad they don't last very long.

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