What to replace drywall with behind new tub surround?

czissmanMarch 22, 2011


The tub-shower in a rental property has gotten so badly water damaged that the drywall above the multi-piece surround is moldy and crumbling, and there are numerous patches of mold on the ceiling and walls. I'm planning to rip out the surround and all the drywall in the bathroom (there are mold stains through the paint everwhere), and start from scratch. Of course, I'll also be installing an exhaust fan to help keep this from happening again.

My question is this: Which materials should I replace the old drywall with? I'm thinking greenboard on the entire ceiling (even over the tub-shower) and on all the walls *except* the walls immediately above the the walled sides of the tub. I'm not sure if I should install greenboard on these three walls or not. your thoughts? I'll be installing a new multi-piece surround.

Thanks! :)

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No, not greenboard. I am fairly certain that you want a cement board-type wallboard; Hardibacker or Durock are two biggies (DH used Hardibacker--got it at Home Depot). You also want some sort of waterproofing. Either the Kerdi system (a fabric-like membrane) or a roll-on (Hydroban or Redguard for ex.). None are cheap but well worth the protection.

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If it's a rental, I'd be sure to install a switch for the fan that has it turn on every time the light is turned on. You can put in an exhaust fan, but if your tenants don't use it, you'll continue to have problems. I wouldn't need to do that in my own home, because I have incentive to use the fan, but not sure all tenants would be that careful.

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Green board would be fine behind and above a tub surround. Make sure the outside wall is well insulated. Install the exhaust fan and prime and paint the walls with a good enamel paint.

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