oil in spark plug holes?

ashortasiangirlAugust 16, 2008

Oil is leaking into the no. 1 spark plug hole and has started into the other two. Was checking the car over and found that the spark plug holes were half full of engine oil. All the valve cover bolts were tight, and as far as I know, the valve cover has never been removed. I was told to change the pcv valvue. Is there anything else i need to do? and is this a commom problem in cars? what do you think would be a reasonable price to pay to fix this?

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What is the year, make and model of your car? I am thinking that it could be the spark plug tube grommets (round rubber gasket) in the valve cover. Need to know what kind of car you have to be more helpful in solving your problem


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If your spark plugs are in a deep hole/tube through the top of the valve cover, it is probably a leak beteeen the valve cover and engine top parts. There are soft seals at these joints.

If the valve cover is made of plastic, it likely has metal ferules in the bolt holes that limits how far the mounting bolts can be cranked down (protects from cracking the plastic). Over time (3 to 4 yrs), plastic valve covers have been known to shrink may begin to leak at the head/valve cover interface.

The cure to many of these leaks is a new gasket set.

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Toyota's have this problem depending on what engine is in the car. My 86 Supra had this problem, it was a secondary gasket on the top of the motor which had aged allowing oil to seep into the spark plug holes.

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This problem is not limited to Toyota. Our '97 Saturn, dual OHC engine, had the identical problem.

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