Are there any reliable/decent quality gas ranges for under 3K?

Maine_MareMarch 25, 2012

I was initially interested in the KA double oven gas range and received a quote from my local appliance store. Of course, I second guessed myself and did additional research and found the exploding glass/self cleaning problem that has turned me off. But now I'm having problems finding any other double oven option (I do like them, my Mom has the Jenn Air and we both like big problems either) that doesn't have really bad reviews.

I've looked at the Whirlpool option but it has a smaller oven capacity and being the makers of KA I'm concerned with similar problems.

I've looked at the Frigidaire but the oven capacity is quite small.

I've looked at the GE profile but again, lots of really bad reviews. The Cafe is a possible option but why pay so much if it's just going to cause me heartache?

I bake quite a bit and love to cook. I have a tiny kitchen and love the idea of not needing a toaster oven by having the second smaller oven. I would get something larger if I could but there just isn't room.

Does a decent double oven gas range exist for under $3,000?

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The problem with the internet is if your looking for problems you'll find them... There are thousands of people who are very happy with all the brands you've mentioned.
The KA and the Jen-Air are the same. Whirlpool makes Kitchen-Aid, JenAir, Maytag, Roper, Estate, and a few others.

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Thanks jakvis, I agree with that for the GE but the consistent reports of KAs do seem worrisome.

I've decided to go with my gut but get the extended warranty on whatever my final decision is.


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I have a GE gas profile. If you like to bake, I would not recommend it. I have to turn the cookies and cakes constantly. I did an experiment and put my cake batter in 10 small pans. The perimeter cakes cooked. The cakes in the center did not. I find I always have to use convection to bake.Despite the oven capacity, I can only do one sheet at a time. A real pain! Roasting is also problematic. My son-in-law cooks a lot of meat and says roasting is an issue for him as well. Sometimes I have to cook meat for twice as long as the recipe says if I don't use convection even though the oven temp reads correctly.

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Avidchef, thank you for your post. I do love to bake and that would really frustrate me as I do all varieties of cakes, cookies, breads, and cupcakes.

I'm headed to Boston for work tomorrow and will go to Yale's Appliance as I've been told they have a large number of floor models I can play with and get a better feel for. The appliance places in Maine don't keep many items in stock understandably and I'm having a hard time picking something off the photo and text description alone.

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Sophie Wheeler

Um, uneven results with conventional radiant heat is the whole reason that convection baking ovens are so popular. Baking with convection when you have a convection oven should be done 99% of the time. There is zero point to avidchef's anecdote other than to prove that she should have been using convection.

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Hoss feathers, Hollysprings. Many of us have ovens that have both convection and no convection, yet we don't use convection all the time, and stuff still comes out great, (without the convection).

I've cooked things both ways, meatloafs, stuffed bell peppers, spaghetti pie, (No cookies thou)and I would be hard pressed to tell which was baked which way.

In fact I have a hard time to get the wife to use the convection in the Elux oven, even thou we've had it over 5 years now, She was just used to her old oven in the range and things came out great and it didn't have convection.

There does seem to be a particular problem with the GE ovens thou, especially without convection, did you Note
Rhome's Psycadellic pizza that she cooked in her GE oven?

I suspects she has no such problems with her Wolf now regardless of whether she chooses convection or not!


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I bought my Wife a Kitchenaid double oven gas range a few days befor Christmas last year. We really like the range as it works very well. We especially like the smaller, upper oven. I have no intention of using the self-clean feature so the bad news on the internet means nothing to me. If the oven is dirty, I'll take a few minutes to clean it. We like the range so much, we purchased a mid-range KA dishwasher to match. It works excellent as well.

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