pieces of rocks

rabbit8August 6, 2006

When rocks hit the front bumper of your new car, what can be done to cover it? I have a VW bettle and I noticed a chip from a rock or something has knocked a little of the paint off (not very big,but it's there).

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Are you just looking for touch up paint? Identifiy the color of your car and you can get a small bottle of paint to match complete with brush, kind of like a container of fingernail polish, at your VW dealer. Many auto parts stores, and some variety stores with an automotive section also have it.

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3m makes a clear film that protects the finish, i think most detail shops install it, also i believe i read duplicolor has a spray on sheild, also thers those black or checkered vinyl masks that were popular on bugs years back.

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Thanks so much for the information.

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