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asdf123March 11, 2013

I am looking for help in selecting a gas cooktop. I was looking for one with a bbq/griddle. I found that Capital makes some:

The problem is that those that have both a bbq and griddle are too large for my space. I was hoping to find a 36" one that has 6 burners and 2 of the burners can get interchanged for a bbq or griddle depending on what you need. I think these Thermadors provide this:

I was wondering how they are. I would love to know of any other ones.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Thermador does not interchange two burners for a grill or griddle.

A two burner grate interchanges with a dedicated grill or griddle pan.

On built-in griddles there is a burner that runs the length of griddle so there is no cold spot in the middle. Here you still have two burners and a cold spot in the middle.

On built-in grills you have an open flame or an infrared burner running the length of the grill. No open flame no outdoor grill type results. Infrared is its own type with a unique type result. Neither is achieved with Thermador. Still a cold spot in the center.

Thermador gives you same result as putting a griddle or grill pan on top of two burners. The benefit is you get a custom grill pan/griddle for maximum useable space.

Your Capital link did not work for me so I don't know what Capital range you are looking at.

The Thermador you are looking at is what most people call a rangetop not a cooktop.


1a Capital Culinarian rangetop,
1b Bluestar RNB rangetop

way down here somewhere Thermador rangetop.

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