Dacor or Wolf Double Wall Ovens??? Help!!!

superboat21March 5, 2013

I need to make a decision on double wall ovens so cabinets and electrical can be finalized, and I can't decide between Dacor and Wolf...

The Wolf model would be DO 30F/S

The Dacor model would be RO230S

I'd appreciate any advise or experience owners of these products can provide, both good and bad...

Many thanks!!!

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My neighbor speaks of the long pre-heat time on her Dacor double electric ovens for what that's worth. I don't know the specifics, you might wish to check their spec data. I also don't know how long Wolf double oven 30"s take to preheat: maybe someone will chime in.

There's been a few oven threads discussing maintenance of heat on electric ovens, once having been set, and variation with oven thermometers. Might wish to search for those here.

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ALmost all high end convection ovens have long pre-heat times these days.

WOlf, Miele, Gaggenau, Monogram, are about 20 min. to come up to full even temp. Thermador has a special quick heat function at 10 mins. or less but their oven are less reliable in general so not worth the feature in my book.

If you're REALLY in a hurry use the microwave or telephone. It's not as if you can't so something else productive while the oven is heating whether it takes 6 minutes or 22.

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Wolf has dual fans which gives it the edge for me in evenness. I have Wolf 36 inch oven in my range and it takes 20 minutes to preheat but I always turn it on in advance to equilibrate past the 20 minutes.

I also had a Dacor oven 5 years ago but you can search that name on the forum to read a variety of experiences.

I also have an 30 inch Electrolux wall oven and it is right in there in function with the Wolf. It bakes very evenly, even in the conventional mode. It preheats to 350 in about 7 minutes. I turn it on about 30 minutes ahead if I am baking something that needs to be very even though.

Whatever you do when getting an oven with electronics, get the longest extended warranty you can-the boards are very expensive to replace. Run the self clean right away to make sure the electronics survive the heat.

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