HELP...Miele Speed Oven Worth the Money?

cgc3March 3, 2014

I have been reading so many posts about some people that love their Miele Speed Ovens and others that wish they had spent their money elsewhere. I just chose my appliances for my kitchen remodel and am very conflicted about the Miele Speed Ovens. Some rave about them while others complain about the interior being impossible to clean, having to remove the rack every time they use the mw only, Miele's TERRIBLE customer service, and even that the instruction manuals are a joke. I know tons of these are sold each year. Am I getting a good picture of what I'm buying or just a string of isolated problems? I HAVE to change my cabinet drawings THIS week if I need to move to another product. PLEASE...anyone not experiencing these complaints? Anyone recommend their speed ovens???? PLEASE RESPOND!!!!

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I have the Miele Chef Speed Oven and yes, I really do like it. It is my second oven (my first oven is a gas oven in my 36" range). I use this oven most of the time when I need an oven. I use it about half the time as a microwave, about a quarter of the time as a regular convection oven and I use the combi bake function about a quarter of the time as well. I have rarely used the broil functions, as I don't broil much and when I do, I would use my Blue Star broiler anyway. I don't mind changing out the racks. I just keep the one I am not using in the drawer below.

I might have considered the Advantium 240 but I needed an undercounter installation.

What I like:

1) having knobs rather than a touch screen
2) how quickly it heats up and evenly it cooks
3) the microwave is powerful
4) the unit is really attractive
5) the unit is surprisingly roomy--I can fit a half sheet pan in it.

What I don't like (but not a big deal):

1) the glass tray gets hard to clean after a while--there are just some baked on oil spatters that I find hard to remove
2) the inside top and back of the oven do get dirty and are not easy to clean

Would I buy it again? In a heartbeat.

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Oh yes, the manual is ridiculous. Almost unusable. But once you get used to the oven, it is pretty easy.

Customer service is fine.

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have the master chef for over 2 years and use it everyday...

have used almost all of the functions and love them all, even the master chef...cooks evenly, heats quickly, just a joy to use....

yes the glass tray is tough to clean but my DH does a good job of it and he also cleans the interior.. to me this are minor issues compared to the use and functionality of the appliance...
i have the touch screen, honestly bought it over the knobs because so much easier to clean and i think it looks nicer, i know that sounds stupid, but its what i wanted and now I'm glad i did because i really do use all the functions...

yes, u have to take the rack out if only microwaving, but its not a big deal here since i have a counter next to it and storage above, so non-issue here..

as far as the manual, once u get used to the machine, very easy to use.
as far as customer service, have not dealt with them yet and hope i never have to, fingers crossed......

if i move i would buy another one, love this really is great!!!

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