Miles on new car??

garden_graphic_galAugust 9, 2005

What is an acceptable amount of miles to be on a new car from the dealer (transport to dealer, etc)?

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I bought a new car with around 1500 miles on it.
Dealer had driven it to Disney for a parade/car show and spent time puttering around florida enjoying himself before delivering it.

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In my opinion, at 1500 miles it is not a "new" car and should not command new price. Howver, the critical question is, how were the break-in miles driven? If these were properly executed, then there is no significant loss of utiltiy, but if these miles were not properly done, who knows?

Furthermore, in my state, this dealer would have been breaking the law. It is not legal to drive an auto for personal use with dealer's plates attached.

We did buy a new car once with about 150 miles accumulated because our dealer had to get it from another dealership to get the model we wanted. The car was driven from the remote dealerhsip to our dealersship by the dealer's driver.
This was done with our agreement.

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My new Xb had 1 mile!!! I wouldnt buy anything new over 50 miles!! Unless it was in a situation as JemDandy's, even then I might be skeptical!! Im fussy though. Dont borrows other peoples car and they dont borrow mine!!

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We had this discussion here before. I recall that the consensus was that ~150 miles is not completely unusual or unreasonable given circumstances such as listed above (potential test drives/ moving between dealers, etc.)

IMHO 1500 miles should likely be considered a demo and have some sort of discount applied. Mikie didn't say what kind of car it was (or if he received a discount but the car was still officially sold as a "new" vehicle), but I suspect it was a high demand/popular car for a dealer to take it "to Disney for a parade/car show". We all know that dealers don't give any breaks when a car is in high demand in fact usually a premium is applied. If it was not in high demand and he didn't get a discounted price then my first statement stands and personally I would have gone elsewhere and paid the same for one with less miles.

My 0.02

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Thanks. 150 sounds like a reasonable amount.

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I just purchased a new Chevy Colorado pickup truck. I was concerned about the same question as the truck I wanted was on another dealer's lot, I couldn't look at the odometer before making a deposit. So, they had to drive it from that dealer to the one I purchased the truck from. The Truck had 60 miles on it, and the dealer was identified to me and it was at least 50 miles away. The drivers are older people who work directly for the dealer, so they are trusted to treat the car/truck accordingly when they transport it from one location to another. NJ does have a limit on any vehicle sold as "NEW", I don't know what it is but I am sure it is a lot less that 1,500.

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1500 mile car was 1980 mgb ltd edition... It was last of the mgb's, model called a ltd edition, ugly black. Supposedly more or less One ltd,ed. black body was made for each official usa dealer ,,, dealer added a $700prox ltd edit package.
Company Financial Officer said mgb's cost $7600 each, all they had were ugly browns and that ugly black one headed for the car show at disney - `take your pick. He'd rather sell me those TR8's though, those are hard to sell too.
Other local dealer wanted $12,000+ for his ltd editions. Each dealer had multiple cars brought in from northern dealers. Mostly brown left overs.

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So, they had to drive it from that dealer to the one I purchased the truck from. The Truck had 60 miles on it, and the dealer was identified to me and it was at least 50 miles away.

You have the option of putting the vehicle on a flatbed truck for transport. You can negotiate with the dealer who pays for that. I don't think I'd bother with that to avoid 50 carefully-driven miles, but it's an option if the distance is greater.

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I live in Georgia and my car is already in transit from the distributor to Louisiana. I have verified that once it arrives in Louisiana, my dealer will truck my car here. But I will be checking those miles, for sure, before I sign any papers!!

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I have owned six new cars and only two had near 0 miles.The other 4 had 150 to 200 miles on the odometer.Because they were located at a different dealership.They also have old retired guys that work for them that do the going after and driving back of the vehicals.There paid by the hour and do it to have something to do.Gets them out of the house and they look forward to the next time the dealer needs them to make a car run.If they had young kids doing it then it would not be OK.

Dealers swap vehicals when you go to buy a car they locate them.You can also locate your own vehical you are wanting to buy.You can see where it is and print it out at home and take it to the dealer.They then trade a lot vehical from there stock for what you want.They drive one there and bring back the other.

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Oh my, I am one of those "old guys" that drive cars from one dealer to another - only I consider myself middle aged and am not a guy. My fellow DX (dealer exchange) drivers and myself do care about the new cars we drive from dealership to dealership. If you are in the situation of having a car transported more than an hour or two, please ask them to do it first thing in the morning. I've made too many trips where I got back at midnight because the buyer wanted the car the next morning.

My fellow DX drivers range in age from mid 30's to mid 60's. Most are retired, but we have a couple of cops that drive on their days off. It is an interesting job. The next time I need a new car, I have some good ideas about what I want and don't want.

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as Paul Harvey says... "and that's the rest of the story."

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Mine had 500 miles on it which really bothered me. But it was the only one on the lot with the exact options and color I wanted. They were honest. It had been "sold" 3 different times and returned because financing fell through within a few days of each.
My inspection driving off the lot wasn't as thorough as I should have been. I didn't see a stain on the sun-visor, a black scuff mark on the interior part of the driverÂs door, a rock chip in the hood and front bumper, and a scratch on the rear bumper. And the side view mirror was falling off due to improper installation at the factory!
I went back to the dealership, the fixed the mirror, but nothing else. Said it all could have happened to me on the drive home. (I live 3 miles from the dealership)

I was able to get most things fixed up myself. But I'll never buy a car that has more than 10 miles on it. Less if possible.

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Well, pawprint, that is one dealer that does not have to worry about repeat business and good customer relations !But I would guess that most of them know that they are considered to be a necessary evil by most men.. I bypass them completely and buy used/directly..

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my lawyer said he buys a new car every 60Kmi only because the miles accumulate in a very short period. he reasons that once maintenance is required, the car's useless because he can't afford to be without immediate transportation.

i would buy new if i could afford it and if anyone is willing to transport from one dealer to another, then that cargo is going to be me. dealers have plenty of cars that are used for misc purposes (i.e., loaners), so get outta MY car.

please note: the only people that receive new cars are dealers.

have a hyundai - would love a saab.

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I picked up my new car yesterday and it only had 5 miles on it!!!!

Choqokat~I'm surprised that your lawyer doesn't have a car where the dealer provides a loaner when any maintanence is needed (BMW, Lexus, etc). Shoot, they will even pick his car up, leave him a loaner and then return it to him.

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I have two cars. That way, if one needs maintenance, I can drive the other one.

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