Reporting results on appliance choices for our new kitchen

lhoenMarch 30, 2013

My husband and I both love to cook and chose the appliances for our new kitchen after much research. Since this forum was the most helpful I felt I should report back on our choices. We have used all of the following many, many times over the past three months and a quick bottom line is that they have all been winners - thanks Home Forum.

Our favorite is the GE slide-in induction range. A joy to work with and a snap to clean - no awful grids and spills do not burn on the cooking surface, just wipe with a wet sponge. And the bottom of pans stay clean. A stock pot of water comes to a rolling boil in no time flat.

We also bought an Electrolux single Wave Touch oven. To test this oven against the one in the GE range I made the same batch of banana bread in identical pans and cooked them at the same time. Both ovens came to 350 in just about the same amount of time, both registered within a degree of 350 on my independent oven thermometers. The interior of the bread was the same doneness in the same amount of time, but the top, sides and bottom of the bread in the Electrolux was significantly darker in color. This difference has held up in other bakings as well. For a pecan pie where I would be worried about the crust getting too brown I would use my GE.

We LOVE the Sharp 24" in drawer microwave. It makes it so easy to open it, check and/or stir and start back up. A favorite feature is the "soften" function for ice cream and for butter you need at room temperature. Somehow it gets the butter the same temperature all the way through, not melting at the edges.

The KitchenAid Superba Series KKUDS30FXSS does a great job of cleaning, is user friendly for loading all shapes and sizes of stuff, and is nice and quiet.

We are of course very happy with our Subzero refrigerator but are also quite pleased with the Whirlpool 26 cubic feet side by side refrigerator we put in the laundry area. We did get an additional shelf for the freezer side as we don't like to root around in stacked up packages.

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Thanks for your review. I love hearing about appliances that aren't as widely talked about. Just curious about your banana bread. What mode did you use to bake your banana bread- standard bake or convection bake? Also what type of pan? Did they both have the same rise? Was it a standard recipe with sugar (as opposed to something made with sweetners)?
Let us know as time passes how they continue to work.

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I used 9X5 loaf pans, standard bake and white granulated sugar. The rise was the same.

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It is interesting how differently ovens cook . Even in a convection oven the way the oven is built can change the amount of radiant heat so a difference in browning. This can be good or bad! I might try a few things like that in my ovens to compare.

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