Car insurance for Hybrid vehicles

zofieAugust 13, 2005

Is full coverage for Hybrid vehicles generally cheaper, or more expensive than for non-hybrid cars? I know there's a tax write-off for buying hybrid vehicles. For example, if one was to buy a Toyota Prius.

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The insurance companies are just going to base their rates on the accident rate, cost of repairs, injury/death rate, and number of claims filed, the same as they would any other vehicle. Your agent can give you a quote on any make and model of vehicle, including the hybrids. However, since hybrids are probably generally bought by practical, responsible, mature drivers, rather than those looking for high performance, thrills, or sex appeal, I would expect the insurance cost for hybrids to be reasonable, and similar to other vehicles in the same price range and appealing to the same types of buyers.

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We didn't notice that the insurance on our 2004 Prius was noticably higher or lower than a comparable non-hybrid car.

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