Seams in edge of counter?

JKB123March 17, 2012

Hi I'm in the middle of a bathroom remodel and was wondering if any of you have some advice on our countertops. We used Chroma, a man made quartz, and they were just installed. The slab was about 3/4 inch, and our fabricator made them look like they're thicker, so there's a seam right in the middle of the edge. since the countertops are a light color, it's kind of noticeable. Other than this, it all looks great.

Is this where the seam is supposed to be? If so, is there anything. I can do to make it less noticeable?

I appreciate your kind advice,


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Padding thickness at the edge always creates a seam.

It is common in stone and any number of the synthetics that are not available in thick dimensions, or if you elected thinner materiel to save money in the body of the counter but wanted the thicker appearance.

A good seam should not stand out though.

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