Winter Cardinal Table

slinkeyJanuary 29, 2011

Looks like Candy & I found Sonoma Bird Plates..and we weren't even shopping together!

Yesterdy, between visiting Dad and snowstorms, I convinced DH to go shopping a few towns away, to my favorite Consignment Shop.

Immediately I spotted these lovely Cardinal dishes. I asked the woman if I could just buy a few pieces. She said no it's a whole set - service for 12 - with just one dinner plate missing. I asked how much, and she said $20 for All - Dinner Plates - Soup and Cake Plates.


Honestly, I really didn't want another full set of dishes.. I fought with myself a few times - Really I did - (I ususally do that)...but I couldn't resist...

MY WEAKER self gave in!

DH was VERY supportive...and said, 'I'm happy you got them cause I didn't want to hear you say over and over ...I should have bought those dishes' - (I know he meant whine)..

He's trained well!!

So, I this table evolved. I don't have any Cardinal accessories like some of you lucky ladies - (Karen-Candy-Jeanne).. and I tried Not to make it look 'Christmasy'. See what you think..

The dishes are - Sonoma 'Home Goods'..Red Cardinal.

I kept it simple and didn't use placemats or chargers..just my wood table. I used napkins (Waverly-CTS) that are multi-patterned for some contrast. I was hoping to create a warm 'Winter' look.

The Flatware I've used many times - from TJM..

The camera doesn't do justice to the delicate pinecone pattern...which has a raised embossed look to it.

This is my DR Centerpiece for 'Winter'. Just like Jeanne..I love pine boughs and pinecones..throughout the house.

The Bowl is Yankee Candle from GW $3...the Candle holders - a Consignment Shop - $3 for the pair.

Different Lighting taken last night.

The Cardinal Bird - CTS last Fall..The small white tureen from -(my collection) Estate Sale - many yrs ago.

Another shot of centerpiece - Different Lighting

I know next Christmas these dishes will be fun to 'play with'.. Do you think I was able to achieve a 'Winter Look' with them for now?

Hope you enjoyed looking..


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Perfect winter look, Jane. (Although it would seem the "snow" is missing--was that on purpose?) LOL

I'm glad you got the dishes, they are lovely and I really like the pinecone design. The birds are so pretty too. I'll bet cardinal items will start catching your eye when you are out shopping now!

I like the centerpiece too, just perfect to go along with the birds. Glad you had some fun.


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How BEAUTIFUL....the dishes, the centerpiece, the whole setting! Even if I didn't love cardinals, I'd love this!
What a fantastic buy on those dishes!
and LOL at your DH. Isn't it nice when one can be 'trained' so well. (I think I'm jealous. LOL.)

That centerpiece really is eye-catching!
hugs, Karen

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Jane, so glad you bought these wonderful dishes. Your cardinal on the birdhouse goes so well with your cp. DH knows you so well and didn't want to take you back another day to get

Your cp is very pretty (does remind me of Jeanne's) and it's nice to see it in different lighting. Yankee candles are my favorite candles. They seem to keep the fragrance longer than others for me, but are spendy. I really like your napkins.

Nice to get home after 8 hours of running at the benefit and have a table to enjoy tonight. My feet are killing me right now but I'm sure it was all worth


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Jane I love the Cardinal dishes and the beautiful winter tablescape. It looks lovely in daylight and evening lighting.
Your husband knows you very well!!

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OMGoodness what a deal, good thing you brought them home. Those may be the prettiest cardinal dishes I've seen, the pine on there really adds something. And yes they totally remind me of Jeanne.

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jane...I don't know about "winter look"...but this t'scape brings a warm, snuggly feel to me. You should be feeling wa-a-ay BAD for getting those dishes for $20! (LOL!) The pinecone pattern looks very pretty.

Love your centerpc ...& your cardinal on the bdhse ...even has pines on it on this table. The napkins do add such a nice touch (splash of color & pattern)...learning these "new" touches from this forum! The white soup tureen looks really good on your table & sends the message of "comfort food" for winter. Love everything, slinkey! TFS! Jeanne S.

This is OT ...but your candlesticks remind me of a project I want to do yet...I bought this at craft show for a friend for Christmas's a bird pincushion + the little thimble holder reminded me of party's baskets...but this one looks crocheted...anyway, thought this might be of interest to you:

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Jane, I definitely enjoyed looking! This is a beautiful table. 12 place settings for $20? You would have kicked yourself all the way home if you hadn't bought them!! LOL
You certainly achieved your wintry look and I love the CP with the pinecones and boughs.

Great job and I love the candlelight shot.

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Thanks was nice reading all your sweet comments. you noticed I left out 'snow'...yes on purpose!! lol - by the way, we're expecting another 'Big One' on Tues-Wed'..we're already under an alert!
I've always admired all the cardinals I've seen here from fellow 'enablers'...NOW for sure, I'll be looking for some to add as accessories for these dishes. far as DH being trained...I really believe my 'whining' would driven him crazy and would have forced him to stay in his cold workshop too long! So I think it was more 'Survival' on his part.
Punk - Glad you were able to come home to get some R&'ve been really busy ALL year.
I agree- Yankee Candles.. are nice but pricey...The bowl must be for large candles. The price was right at GW..but must have been waay more at YC.

Thanks Nana...I guess everyone feels the same about DH...knowing me...and as I said to Karen - it was HIS survival to encourage me!!

Frou...glad you liked the pattern..As I mentioned, the camera doesn't do them justice. IRL they are even more pretty. As far as the price...we had a pizza and two sodas and it cost us $20...We ate it and it's gone..These dishes $20...many yrs of 'Smiles' - and No Whining!!

jeanne...I LOVE that Bird Pincushion and you're right the little thimble holder does look like PM's basket! Cute idea and I see the stand looks like my candleholder!
I just love crafts like this...also it's so different too. A very nice gift for a sewer.

Candy..I think the saleswoman must have thought I was a nut case..I kept going back and forth deciding whether to buy them..not for the money...but because I really didn't want ALL those dishes-I'm running out of space. While the saleswoman was finding a box to put them in...two women came in spotted them and right away asked about them..I was lucky I made my mind up in time.


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I love these tables that celebrate the winter! Beautiful!

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On the Yankee candles being pricey...
I bought some of Walgreen's candles, in the big jars like the Yankee ones I like. Patriot brand. The ones that say "richly scented" are the best! I love to burn a candle in the family room as the smell drifts thru the kitchen as well as the living-room and entry hall. I think these are a great alternative to the Yankee ones, half the price! It can be hard to find the "richly scented", so I often just buy the regular Patriot ones tho they aren't as strong. But fine for one room. I put the Rain Forest scent in my bathroom and everyone comments on it.
I still prefer lavender or vanilla as my favorites tho.

hugs, Karen

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Oh Jane, how pretty.

Now you don't really need a set of TWELVE do you? We can share...I'll even take the half with the missing plate!

You just know I would love that table. Pine cones, cardinals, the woodsy centerpiece, the pearlized flatware...Gosh you know how to do it up right. And you're right about DH--you have him trained!

- Magpie

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elmaly..Hi and Welcome...
I'm glad you enjoyed my 'Winter Table'.
Hope you will join us here... with maybe
a table - vignette or something you'd like to share. We love pictures! Even if you'd just like to join in with your comments..we'd love hearing from you.

Karen..thanks for the tip on the Walgreen Candles.
I will definitely check them out. The fact that they have a
rich scent and the price is right..what more could you want!
I'm surprised you light candles with having nosy
For a while now, I take the jar candles and put them on a warming plate (from Michaels) heats up the candle which gives off the scent. If feel it's much safer.

Magpie...LOLOLOL...sorry to disappoint you, but
I DID find space for these dishes. Maybe when I tire of them!
I know from seeing pictures of your lovely home, the 'look' of this table is your style too.
I'm glad you enjoyed it all.


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Holy Toledo! That was some bargain you got on those plates. They seem to be made for your dining room table. You did a wonderful job of creating a winter look.

I bet those women were sorry they didn't enter that shop 3 minutes earlier. They're probably home talking about it right now. Sort of like fishermen - talking about "the one that got away".

The napkins were a wonderful choice to accompany the dishes, by the way.

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Ahhhhhh! They look perfect for your beautiful dining room, Jane! And perfectly Wintery without looking like leftover Christmas. I love them!!! I *HAD* sworn off consignment shops and GW since November . . . but (sigh!) that was until I saw this fabulous bargain dish set you've found. I'm ruined . . . again. You all are such bad influences ;^D

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Marlene Kindred

What a great deal you got on the set of dishes slinkery! And cardinals are great no matter what season it is! Love the table you set...looks very warm and inviting to me.

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Thanks OA.. I do know that - I - was VERY happy those women came in AFTER I made up my mind...and I'm sure DH too, >>> because HE was the one going home with me! Glad you liked the 'Winter' look.

Lynn...good to hear from you. Thank you...That's what I was looking for 'Not Leftover Christmas'. I'm happy you think so too.
As far as swearing off no GW or Consignment shopping...I was feeling that way too..but somehow, I needed some - what Karen calls 'Retail Therapy'...and it worked!!

marlene..thanks for the nice comments. I've been really loving all the cardinals I've been seeing I guess these were waiting for me to take them home!


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That's a gorgeous table setting Slinkey! Pretty dishes, and they were such a great deal! Cardinals are so striking. They are the Virginia state bird (where I'm from) so they have special significance to me in that regard too!

Your furniture is beautiful! Love your style... classic, traditional decor! Your house looks lovely.

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Hey there Stinky-Gardner,
Welcome - it's nice to see you here.
Thanks for the sweet comments. I'm happy to hear I did justice to your 'State Bird'!! lol
We'd love to see some pics if you'd like to share some here.
We love pics ...or even if you'd like to just visit and comment every so often...that's fine.


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Thanks for the warm welcome, Slinkey. I appreciate that. I would love to come here and vicariously enjoy the dinnerware collections, accessories, table decor, and talent! I don't have much in the way of all the above! It is fun to have a peek at this sort thing!

I just went back and gawked at your pics again. I really, really love those dishes and your entire table; your entire room! Thanks for providing such a delightful (wintery) feast for the eyes!

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