Problem keeps re occuring

Benny_SAugust 28, 2005

I currently own a 92' Pontiac Bonneville, now my problem is this... Whenever I decelerate(brake) there is a "pop" sound once i reach 2000 rpm in 2nd gear generally, now i also hear this sound sometimes when I go over bumps. Not that this is serious however, i recently had an issue driving down the highway and all of the sudden my car began shaking violently and my tire blew. Now my question is that could this "poping sound" be related to my tire blowing? If so what could that problem be caused by. Thank you in advance for the help.

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Could be
Is this a low mileage car ?, with tires that are aging and deteriorating ?
I had a flat once or twice in the Saab, never a noise or shake, some pulling, of course..

What did the expired tire look like ? - that should tell you what was going on..

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Check the fit of your brake calpers with its mounting pins, and are the calipers free to slide on these pins? The calipers should have little to no lateral free play on the pins, but slide freely in and out. (There will be some friction from the pin seals.)

If the pin holes in the caliper have worn too much, replace both calipers and pins.

Make sure that the brake pads are sungly fitted and not sloppng around.

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