Is there a manual?

coopersAugust 28, 2005

The hood latch on our GMC pickup barely works to get the hood open. It appears that the spring mechanism on the end of the cable is shot and I will need to replace the cable.

Is there a manual that would show me how to remove the inner trim panels to get to the hood release lever so I can replace the cable?

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At the auto parts stores there are many cheap manuals(Haynes, Chilton) available, these are of limited value.
Then a man can also go to the local library and do research.
I have found the GM Helms manuals to be quite good, they probably cost about $100 now.
Saving money also costs money..

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If you plan on doing these types of repairs yourself, then IMHO there is no substitutue for the offical GM service/body manuals (the same references provided to the dealers.)

Another option is to find a forum dedicated to GM trucks like yours and post your question there.

hope this helps

Here is a link that might be useful: pick up forum

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If you have a library card, phone as ask your library if they subscribe to any on-line auto repair guides. If they do, you may be able to access (by internet connection) and print pages from a decent repair manual. At the very least, you can view the pages.

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Some libraries also have the print version of Mitchell's manuals in the reference section.

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Is the release cable corroded or close to failing? Or, is the latch mechanism not releasing properly? My problem was the latch mechanism, not the cable, and after working grease into it, which took some time with a small brush and some tools to manually actuate/move the mechanism, my latch freed up considerably and now the hood pops right up. Just a suggestion to look into.

I do have the '94 Chevy/GMC factory manuals if I can be of help.

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Go to Alldata website (Google ALLDATA) and subscribe for your particular vehicle the data base is amazing and I have found it to be well worth the $24.95 cost and is good for a year, you can download and print whatever you wish for your vehicle. A lot of times there will be a factory TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) that exactly spells out problem areas such as this and gives detailed drawings and alternative part numbers for the recommended replacement parts that will cure the problem, very useful!

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I very much appreciate the different responses that I received. I don't think I will spend the $100 but I will follow up on corralling a couple of different manual options (checking library (our library doesn't have online material options) and maybe checking with the pickup forum that was suggested. I received a nice scan of manual pages that are close to what I am dealing with from a forum member and I am appreciative of that. Thank you all.

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Some really good advice from formulaross.
And this info may not be "in the book"..
After determining that the cable is good, I would loosen the hood catch a little. If it was too tight, there would be too much pressure on the release.....

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