Lost prius remote smart key

tsimisAugust 20, 2013

I lost smart key (the one that recognizes me within 3' of car and starts car just pushing the button)
bought used one on ebay, but Toyota could only program it to start the car with it inserted in the slot. other than buying a new one from Toyota, where/how can I get one reasonably priced that can be programmed as smart key should operate


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Very likely, you'll have to get a key from the dealer. If he can not supply one, then you are out of luck. Its too bad you do not have a duplicate key. Some key shops can copy the programming of the original key and copy it to a replacment. My local Ace Hardware Store made a duplicate for my Honda. Cost was about &70.

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I believe the Toyo smart keys are a one time program to one car. You bought a used key, you need to buy a new key safest to do that at a dealer.

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