Pretty Much Finished (Lots of Pics)

beaglesdoitbetter1February 22, 2012

For anyone interested, the house is about as done as it is going to be for a while since I'm not moving in until some time in April and even then, have very little furniture and plan to collect stuff over time to get unique items.

There's a few representative pictures below and lots and lots more on the blog.

Kitchen at night:

A few more cabinet interior shots:

Breakfast nook:

Great room:

Gathering room:

Sun room:




Dog room:



Upstairs laundry:

Master bedroom:

Master bath:

My closet:

Fiance's closet:

Guest bath:

Jack and Jill bath:

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OMG - Just beautiful !! You certainly have all the extra's.... Congrats !!! Be sure to post on the decorating forum when you get all your furnishing in - we'll be waiting..

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Beautiful! Have you posted an exterior shot? I would love to see that, too! is really lovely!

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Wow awesome!

I love the closet, mind sharing the dimensions? Do you have any more pics?

Is that a pullout pegboard next to the stove!?

The tool drawer in the kitchen... did you design it specifically for those tools? Aren't you worried about one breaking or something, and then you can't find a replacement to fit the exact hole?
My OCD self would love to open a perfect neat and organized drawer like that, but I'd be too worried that I'd change my mind about what tools I want in the drawer, or find a different size/model of the tool I like better, etc. What's your thinking on it?

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WOWSERS...I was pleasantly surprised to see some additional pictures of your breathtakingly, unique, home! Thanks for sharing & now that brings home a few more questions from me...

I believe you have 10ft ceilings (besides the vaults & two-story room)?

Do you have 6'8" tall interior doors? I like the idea of trim work to take up some of that "extra" space above the doors?

Does your foyer chandelier show in the exterior window form the outside?

Do you happen to know your foyer measurements and your chandelier size?

When time allows, could you please show a picture of your master bath from another view. From the corner of your shower, it looks like you have a bench (possibly) that meets up to the shower wall. I'm trying to have a vanity intersect like that into our master shower and DH is having trouble visioning this idea of mine.

I'm so happy for you, how wonderful it is to see our visions become reality! How satisfied you must feel to have your hard work pay off. I look forward to continued pictures as you furnish and live in your home. ENJOY!!!

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Thanks for sharing your completed home! I like the progress photos but I think more people can get an idea of what they want from the completed home.

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Amazing level of detailing!!! I'm sure you were frustrated at times about how long your build was taking but with the level of detailing you got, 16 months doesn't really seem all that bad. Now that the "birth process" is finally over, go enjoy your BABY. It is beautiful!

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Absolutely beautiful! Cant wait to see more

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nini804 I actually didn't take any updated exterior shots- it was too cold. Here's a few that I had but they are mostly still under-construction shots:

kaourika, here are some more pictures of the closet. It is 6 ft. wide by 11 ft. long:

Yes, it is a pull-out peg board near the stove, sort of--- it is metal and there are hooks that go in, but it is also magnetic.

The tool drawer was designed for those tools. They are OXO. I have an extra set of them and I figure since they are OXO, they hopefully will always be around so I can replace them if needed. Kitchen tools don't really break that much, at least not in our house, and I don't cook so we won't be using them really heavily. There's lots of other storage for other utensils in the kitchen too if I want other cooking tools.

mommyto4boys we actually have 9 ft. ceilings b/c I wanted all the cabinetry to go to the ceiling and I didn't want stacked cabs so I didn't want the ceilings any higher. The doors are 6x8 to allow for the trim and detailing on top.

The foyer light shows from certain areas outside. We are on top of a very tall mountain, so when you look up, you see the house and the chandelier in the window.

The foyer measurements are 8 ft. x 10 ft. The chandelier is 36 1/2'' H:35 1/2''

Pictures of the master- I don't have one from exactly the angle you are looking for, but hopefully these help. I think I am going to get my cabinet maker to make me another gray panel to cover up that white, but I'm not 100 percent sure:

bevangel the long build didn't bother us at all because it gave us lots of time to get it right. I still have some cabinets I don't have knobs for yet since I haven't found the perfect ones yet, and we're still missing a hallway light b/c after my electrician broke the one I spent months finding (blue and white crrystal, antique from the 1920's) :(

Also, in case anyone missed it, there are LOTS more picturs of the house at my blog. The web address, just in case the link doesn't work, is

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What incredible detail! Congratulations to you!!

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Wow, your home is certainly drop dead gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your photos with us. I was particularly inspired by your mudroom cubbies. We are also building a mudroom, and I like your idea of having one cubbie in the corner. Enjoy your lovely home!


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I love the "wave" sink - can I ask where you found it and how much it cost? That is gorgeous and perfect in a bath!

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Beagles - its beautiful! I hope your new kitchen will inspire you to start cooking! LOL There are so many details in your home that show alot of thought went into it. Enjoy :)

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Very nicely done and consistent! (Even if you couldn't resist one wave.) I hope you aren't disappointed, though, in all those lazy susans.

I like the elevations, too but shudder to think of the detailing I'd have to do as a builder to ensure water and the climate was kept on the outside.

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Thanks everyone :)

mjtx2 the wave sink was custom made. Paco Originals did it, they came to the house and templated. It was $2400 including installation.

worthy, what is the downside to lazy susans and why do you think I'll be disappointed?

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Well done beagles. Hope you and your fianc´┐Ż enjoy your new home. She is one lucky girl to have such a wonderful closet and such a wonderful home to start out in.

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Beagles- It's beautiful and all the detailing is perfect, for your French manor home! Love all the windows, fireplaces, chandeliers...and the blue! :)

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Very beautiful home. Love your taste in chandi's. They are gorgeous.

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I love your new home! I went to your blog and looked at EVERYTHING. The detailing is there in every nook and cranny. Cant imagine how many hours it took to get everything perfect

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Thanks on the chandies and other comments! It definitely was a time consuming process to find everything but so fun too!

red_lover I am the "she." And I agree, I feel very lucky to have such a beautiful house!

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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Definitely time & money well spent! I hope you and your soon to be DH will enjoy living there. I am envious of your chandies. The one in the dog room is so adorable--however did you find it? Would you mind sharing the make & model of the chandies in your conservatory, foyer, great room & upstairs laundry?

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