Truck Suspenion - Spring Helper?

mister_hAugust 7, 2007

My 2001 Dodge Dakota quadcab sags at the rear when I tow a trailer with heavy tonge weight or carry a heavy cargo on the bed.

There are 2 types of spring helpers I found - (1). Metal leaf spring helper, another piece on the top of the existing set of leaf springs. (2). Air Filled Bag type (Firestone makes).

The cost is about the same, $250. The installation difficulty level is about the same. Which one do you think is more effective in terms of performance?

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1st, make sure you're not exceeding the towing and/or weight capacity of the truck. I don't imagine it's much fun trying to steer a 3 wheeled truck after an axle snaps off.

2nd, are you using a weight distributing hitch when you tow, and if so is it set up correctly? If not, get one or get it fixed.

Of the overloads, I'd prefer air bags. There are good ways to beef up leaf springs and not so good ways. Don't know what means you're talking about to help them as you say.

The thing to remember is even if you add leaves to equal the capacity of a 3/4 ton truck, it won't make it a 3/4 ton truck. jmo

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thers also one on the market, that works very good ez to install, doesent require air, very simple. you will have to google it, i dont remember all the details. but it goes by the name timbren try i had these on a s-10 and they worked great.

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Thanks for your input, gentlemen.
I am no where near exceeding the bed cargo (1200? lbs) nor the towing limt (5700 lbs) of my truck when I have this rear end sagging problem. It's just "sometimes" the load is not efficiently distributed. I just reviewed the Timbren product suggested by bill h and I liked it so much that I ordered one for myself.
Thanks again.

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