Mixing plumbing finishes

tncraftFebruary 4, 2012

H is not crazy about chrome, but I prefer chrome in the shower because I can get high end fixtures without breaking the bank. For instance I prefer the hansgrohe shower system (in chrome) than the Delta in SS/ORB for around the same price!

I just noticed at our current house that we have chrome and SS in our master shower. So, I'm thinking maybe I can mix chrome and SS? Chrome in the shower while SS in the vanity and bath tub. What do you think? I think mixing chrome and ORB would be too much, right? But chrome and SS may work. Thoughts??? :)

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polished or brushed?

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Why not do all chrome?

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Renovator8... polished chrome

pps7... H doesn't really like chrome. I just did an estimate for SS Delta and brushed nickel Hansgrohe shower system. The price came out reasonable. I guess this is a good compromise. SS and brushed nickel mix should be fine, right?

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SS has a blue tone and BN is a warmer yellow tone.

Personally, I wouldn't mix in the same bathroom. Delta is very reliable. Is there any reason why you won't use it in your shower?

If the BN Hansgrohe shower was reasonable, then maybe their tub and sink faucets would be fine too. Have you priced those?

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babs711... Hmmm... When I looked at the Delta SS, it looked yellowish to me but less yellow than the BN Hangrohe. When I was talking to the salesperson, she was saying SS and BN are basically the same but manufacturers just have different shades of yellow in it. Maybe the Delta SS is not a true SS? :) Maybe it's really a BN but calling it SS? Don't know.

I did put the Delta SS and Hansgrohe BN side by side, and Hansgrohe looked more yellow.

I've heard Hansgrohe shower system are awesome. And I also like their valve system. ;)

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The first few houses I built I obsessed about "consistency". When I used polished brass, I insisted on matching stops, supplies, flanges and w.c. levers. Later, as manufacturers began mixing polished brass and polished chrome on the same fittings, I relented. I lived in one home for five years before I realized one of the bathrooms had two different style chrome fittings. (Plumber foul-up.)

To create a lived-in look, some designers deliberately mix styles and finishes.

Still, ORB and polished chrome sounds like "too much" to me. But who am I to say? It's not my house.

When I'm building for someone else, I've learned to leave matters of taste to them that's paying with no comment--even if it's giving me a headache looking at it!

The same advice applies at GW.

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How close will these fixtures be to one another? Can you see the shower fixtures from the sink & tub? I think it helps if you can't see them easily from one another if that makes sense.

We have combined Delta's chrome & their discontinued aged pewter in our master bath. We have the Addison chrome lavatory faucets & matching Roman tub faucet with handspray. Then we have their Lockwood Aged pewter shower controls, raincan showerhead & handshower. We did not care for the more modern look of the slidebar they put with the Lockwood handshower so we used the Addison slide bar in the pewter. I think while they are different colors, they are all still in the silver/grey spectrum and that helps. You also can't see anything in the shower except the showerhead from the sink or tub and vice versa. I agree with your observation that ORB/Venetian Bronze and chrome together would be too much--they are two totally different color palettes. Stay within the same base tones/color palettes and I think you'll be fine.

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