brake squeel since cleaning rims

andrelaplume2August 26, 2010

Yes, something I sprayed cleaner on my rims and wiped off the dirt and something have gotten to place it was not suppose to on my rear wheels and now the brakes squeel when I hit them. Is this something a non mechanic type like me can can I spray some lubricant in there and if so where?

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What type of brakes do you have on the rears? Drum or rotor?

If you have drum brakes, DO NOT spray any kind of lubricant inside the brake drums. For drum brakes, there are places for specialized lubricants in the mechanisms, but the drum has to be removed to see these. The contact surfaces of the shoes and drums must be kept free of oils, etc. These work best when clean and dry.

The squeal you are experiencing may be due to contaminants on the rubbing surfaces of the shoes. Hopefully, this will subside with use. If these brakes are not grabbing, continue to use them.

Semi-metallic shoes tend to squeal more than the older types.

If you have rotor type brakes, are you sure you are not hearing a 'sqeaker' built into the shoe that indicates a worn down pad. (Not all pads have squeakers. The only sure way to to check for wear is to inspect the pad thickness. Some rotor brake designs have a provision for checking the pad without disassembly.)

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I have rear drums and front rotors. The sound may indeed be coming from the front. The car was recently inspected and passed. This started immediately after cleaning the rims. Maybe it is the front. Is there something to lube there? Maybe I pushed dirt somewhere it should not have gotten? Could it hurt to soap up the rim and then blast waster in there and around the brakes?

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