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cheerful1_gwAugust 28, 2006

The dealer who sold me my Honda said I will be getting a call, asking me about my car buying experience. While I love the car, I was not crazy about the experience. My question is, will my opinion matter one way or the other?

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could be a jd powers survey coming your way. I know some dealers toot their own horn on how well perform on initial customer satisfaction.

bash'em !

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VW did this (tried to, actually) with both of my purchases. The dealer made it very clear that "any mark less than a five [the top score] is a failure". Apparently things like car allocations, etc., are based in part on these scores.

I refused to take part in it. Giving them a five on every score seemingly confirms that the experience could not be improved upon and, while I didn't have a bad experience either time; I refuse to declare them perfect purchases. The first time I just scored as I saw it; the second I didn't even bother to return the call since they obviously did not get the message the first time.

Respond if you want to, but you can always politely decline ("Oops -- the sheriff is here. Gotta go.") :-)

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SteveO, I think we agree on everything.
After I bought this house, I was getting survey after survey for the builder in the mail. Some of which actually had cash ($2 bills) in them! I wasn't so fond of the builder at that time so I wrote some strong opinions on the survey and mailed it back not filling in the bubbles with a #2 pencil. When my warranty ran out, I had a roof leak that cause some damage to the ceiling. It was out of warranty and didn't expect the builder to fix it but sure enough they sent out a drywall crew and roofer and it didn't cost me a dime. It was then that I wish I had some surveys to mail in. I don't think there's room for improvement in that department.

When I bought my last truck (a toyota), I had gone to several toyota dealers and I love toyos but their dealers are the worst. They seem to have an endless supply of customers with bad credit to take advantage of so when I wanted a good deal, they didn't even want to give me the time of day when I told them my credit is perfect. I had numerous bad experiences with toyoships. Such as a salesman actually showed me the front door and told me to have a nice day when I said I wasn't going to buy that very day.

Then I was going to give up and buy a domestic since they are much more accommodating and don't let you leave the dealership no matter how bad you want to. Out of the blue a salesman saw a form I filled out online from the one dealership I didn't go to. He called up and said there's only one truck in the country right now with the specs you want and it's not here (it was at a dealership I walked out of because they were a bunch of turds and didn't want to deal) but I'm going to go get it and come on by in an hour it will be here. An hour later I arrive and the truck I test drove a week earlier at the other dealership was sitting there in front of the dealership. The price we agreed to on the phone was honored without any games and the finance manager spent about 3 hours with me walking back and forth and negotiating until I was happy with the deal. That was exceptional service and I don't think it could have improved in any way but my expectations were pretty much set so low that all they had to do was what they were supposed to do (sell me a frecken car) and I would be happy. And I didn't get any surveys from them.

That salesman is no longer with the dealership. My lease ran out and didn't have time to dilly dally with this nonsense so I just bought it from the leasing company.

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any time i have to part with more than 20 bucks, theres very little you can do that will make me happy! so unless i win a new car the dealer delivers it, pays the taxes, and buys me dinner. sorry you wont get a high rating from me.

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I did the man went over everything.I was impressed.I sent a letter to his boss telling them how nice an experience we had there.Id go back ...

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I just got a call from Honda with their survey. I gave them a earful, for what it's worth.

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