Minor scratches

TypoQueenAugust 28, 2005

I have some minor scratches in (i think) the clear coat of my 2004 car.

How would you take care of these?

An automobile detailer?

Do it myself?

What materials to use, any books to read?


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I have not used, nor do I know anything about maintenance of a "clear coat", never had one done.
But, I do see scratch "removers" on the auto products shelf in many stores. I'd suggest you at least read the claims on one or more of those products. If it says they're safe for, or used to maintain, clear coat, "to for it", not much to lose besides the cost of the product.

I have seen advice not to purchase a clear coat because of questionable value, and if you have an experience of clear coat scratches, then that would be another reason not to purchase. The Chevy I purchased last month resulted in me being given the sales pitch on a number of Dealer applied options and on repair contracts, I rejected them all.

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Way to go, Jerry
IMO, these dealer "service options" benefit one man, and it is not the consumer !
Another reason I prefer to buy used..

Any polish, abrasive, scratch remover should be tried out in a hidden area- then if the remover is ineffective or too effective - nothing is lost..

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have colour enriched wax manufactured by the likes of turtle-wax and very effective it is along the side where the kids and careless shoppers might make a minor imprint. But at the front where you clobber rocks, lumps of metal and bits of timber nothing short of a respray will restore your car to the condition it was in when you bought it. If you can ignore those imperfections then fine. If not, keep your car in the garage and don't drive it.

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just pretend you dont see them.

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"just pretend you dont see them."

lol!I can do that with all but the one on the drivers door by the mirros...

darn thing shows up!

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