Chrysler 300C and Dodge Charger

EaglesInFloridaAugust 11, 2005

I would appreciate any input re the Chrysler 300C and the new Dodge Charger(Hemi Engine on both). I am considering purchasing one as my primary car (getting rid of the company Taurus and purchasing/leasing one of these)..thanks!

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I have owned several Chryslers in the past - easy to work on and cheap(quality-wise) ! But you will have to decide for yourself.
Good to see an "American" car being considered..with the much more practical Diesel engine even I would be interested..

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german cars are cool! i like the 300, didnt like the charger when i 1st saw it but its grown on me. too bad you cant get the diesel in them here in the u.s. too bad daimler didnt get rid of the chrysler name when they took over, chrysler name has alot of bad quality issues assoiated with it.

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Who needs a Hemi with these gas prices and the need for a nation wide lowered speed limit?

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The lowered speed limit in the 70s worked because the cars had carburetors. Today's injected engines won't see any manageable difference at the 55 limit as it did 30 years ago. Funny thing though, we have an interstate type highway here in VT (Route 7)and the limit is still 55 mph. And the other day they caught a kid in one of those useless Corvettes doing 140 in that 55 zone. He thought he could outrun those 2 way radios.

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earthworm, american car being considered????? chrysler is a german company and the above models are built in canada. not that theres anything wrong with that, but chrysler is no more or less "american" than toyota , honda, hyundai etc.

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