A bit Pricey?

iggieAugust 18, 2009

A young friend has a 97 Jeep, the water pump started leaking, he took it to a Firestone Place for an estimate,they quoted him $600 to install a rebuilt pump. He ask my advice I told him it sounded a bit high to me. I am a bit of tinkerer and and have some knowledge of autos. Marcel who once owned a garage says the quote was too high. Anyway we offered to help him replace the pump. He was able to purchase a new pump not rebuilt for $104 off the internet. We installed it yesterday took 3hrs I,m sure a pro with a lift and all the proper tools could have done the installation in less time. Now I realize that repair places have overhead such as insurance, health coverage for employees, etc but $600 for such a job seems way ouy of line to me.

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depends what the "book" labor charge is. what would the dealer charge? add in fresh coolant and shop fees and the price is not out of line.

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It took the two of you three hours to install that pump? Sorry your not quite up to speed and won't fit our needs in serving our customers. Please gather up your tools and pick up your checks on the way out the door. VBG... (Joking)Average labor time for the pump alone is between 2-3 hours depending on exactly what Jeep, and what engine we have here.

Seriously though to me, $600 would be a lot higher to only do a water pump than we would charge. BUT, the most likely reason for what appears to be a price discrepancy is an apples to oranges situation where they were likely advising more than just swapping out the pump. Typically shops like those chains will look for hoses, belts, maybe a full cooling system flush, and even the thermostat as well as doing the pump. Now are they just inflating the bill, or should this work really be done? In some ways its hard to say, but you have to add in the whole picture including the what if's. For them if they touch the pump and six months later when the family is headed out on a vacation and it blows a hose and destroys the trip, customers have been known to expect them to not only fix the car for free, but give them refunds on the Disney World tickets that they didn't get to use. It really complicates the issue in a number of ways.

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John I 100% agree with your comments, this was not a difficult job, Marcel helped us, removing the old gasket was the hardest part someone had used some type glue on it that was like iron, we replaced all hoses as they were checked and cracked. You have to forgive us oldsters for being a bit slow, I am 84 and Marcel is a bit older 86 I think. The Kid also helped he went for coffee. Good to read your post. Marcel sends his regards. Iggie

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