2008 Accord

satine_gwAugust 7, 2008

Hi. Im new here and hope some of the experts here can help me. I have a 2008 V4 Accord which I have had about a month. The headlights "flicker" or dim and I am now aware that this is the case for all V4s. I have returned to the dealer and the car is scheduled to have a new alternator put in on Tuesday. They have assured me that they have been trouble shooting the problem and that this is the answer. I am less than convinced. Of course I am upset about this because the knew about the problem when I purchased the car (my first ever new car and first Honda) I guess I am hoping to hear that in fact it is the alternator and all will be well after the replacement. What do you think? Thanks. Satine

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It's difficult to comment on a 2008 model year vehicle. The downside of a warranty is that in the aftermarket we don't see the cars for repairs for a few years. Now having said that, headlights flickering especially at idle can be caused by a system voltage fluctuation, which is something that is commonly controlled be the system voltage regulator. The voltage regulator could be inside the alternator, and it also could be inside the fuel injection computer.

It is otherwise a wasted effort to speculate on the problem, it's under warranty, they will deal with it. But remember this, a car is not an appliance it is tens of thousands of pieces, and today most cars are nothing short of robotics.

One other detail, you are "assuming" they knew the car had the problem when they sold it. That is really not the case, and never is. If they knew it had an issue, it would have not been available for sale because of exactly the way you have reacted. The facts are, some vehicles may exhibit a certain problem such a this headlight flicker, most will not even though they are otherwise identical to us.

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john g, thank you for your response. I took my car in this am to the dealer and will see if they in fact have a handle on what is causing the problem. Just google "2008 accord headlights" and you will see many folks with 2008 v4 accords with the identical problem. The problem occurs while driving which is my main concern. I live in the DC area with lots of freeways and trucks-don't want the truck drivers to mistake my flickering lights for an "ok to pull in" signal. I find it hard to believe that Honda was not made aware of this problem before now since the 2008s were on the market as of at least October of 2007. Just hoping that the issue will be resolved today. Thanks again for your response. Satine

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