OT Warning !

slinkeyJanuary 31, 2013

Hi Everyone..
just wanted to alert you that I sent out an Email Warning
to everyone on my Address List about my computer being
hacked with a virus. So in case I missed anyone I'll
post another warning here..
If you receive an Email from me that says 'Welcome' >>>
Please DO NOT OPEN IT..just delete it.
Sorry for this.

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I deleted it, jane ... it was just an address & no comments from you ...so figured it was hacked! Jeanne S.

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Good Girl Jeanne...

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Thanks for warning us, don't you hate it when some idiot does stuff like this? Luvs

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Jane, I opened it and w/no problems.
Was a little concerned when I seen
your warning but guess no effects.
I don't have a web cam or facetime
so I was wondering how you knew I
needed to go on a diet tho.LOL


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Luvs..I agree about people being idiots...they
need to get a life if that's all they have time to do!

Punk...I don't think it will harm your PC, BUT >>>
keep checking your 'Sent' mail...it takes over your
address list and sends out emails to ALL on it -
showing it's coming from you!
Good luck..hope it passes you up.
Oh..BTW... you're a lucky one if it only talked about your
weight >> could have been worse !! LOL

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