98 pontiac grand am se HELP!!

angel123August 22, 2005

Having trouble with my car. When it is on a red light or stop sign it likes chokes like its not giving fuel. I tap the gas pedal and it goes. I took it to the shop a couple of months ago to a merchanic and he said it was the Egr valve. He cleaned it it looked dirty. So he said, If it gave me more problems that i would have to replace it and buy a new one. Is this mechanic saying the truth about my car. Whats wrong with my car?

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I have no idea what's wrong with your car. An egr valve sticking open will cause poor idling, and tapping the accelerator can sometimes get a sticking egr valve to close. EGR valves do accumulate carbon in them. The mechanic could be right on the money. Could be something else too. Why didn't he replace it in the first place if he thought that's what it was?

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I think we have a good mechanic here - one willing to clean, rather than replace.
He is doing the right thing.
Does the Pontiac use any kind of idle air control ?
Another item to clean and oil...

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Earthworm, I have no idea if it has the idle air control. I have a 4 cylinder 2.4 engine.

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