Microsilk by Jason Hydrotherapy

giuseppe_paoloMarch 29, 2011

Jason International Hydrotherapy (JAcuzzi & SONs original Jacuzzi family that sold the name 30 years ago and has nothing to do with the company by that name)

has come out with a new hyrdrotherapy tecnology called microsilk




sounds really amazing and in talking to an unbiased salesperson from a company that carries pretty much all brandds of tubs, said it is the real deal, not marketing ploy, is really amazing and nice.

Its not vigorous though, even less so then popular air baths, so no massage really but lots of other benefits.

You can get it alone or combined with their Air-Masseur or whirlpool (imagine the ultimate of all 3).

I went with microsilk and air maseur combo as we were replacing an only 5 year old but previous owner (that most likely never cleaned it) plus it got beat up during bathroom demolition for renovation.

Needed a 60x60 corner tub. At first went with a Jacuzzi Bellavista pure-air with chromatherapy and their J5 lcd control panel.

The Bellavista has a nice interior shape and particularly nice outer trim which is tiered beveled kind of designa nd rounded corners. Definately one of the nicest looking corner tubs in a sea of ones that all look the same especially the trim that sits on the decking (drop in).

Also Jacuzzii's J5 LCD control panel is the nicest of thte digital control panels I've seen. I will say that it s eems ppl are still scared of whirlpool jets for the bacteria but dont realize that basically all manufacturers including jacuzzi have taken major measures towards alleviating that concern.

Still ppl think of jacuzzi as bacteria ridden whirlpool jets and I've even seen someone on these forums lump it in with Kohler as cheap, though I dont think either the Jacuzzi or Kohler brand are cheap. I think it was just a really elitist(possibly French,lol) BainUltra snob, lol.

Speaking of BainUltra, i know they were the first to do Air baths so you figure they have it the most perfected but in looking into to their corner tubs and narrowing down to the Amma, I did not like the style at all with weird corners. Also I didn't really see what else it brings to the table.

Was content with going for the Jacuzzi BellaVista 60x60 corner tub with pure-air and chromatherapy lights and the nice digital control panel for the nicest looking tub because lets be honest, thees tubs often dont get used a lot and just looked at, so at least I wouldn't have spent too much (not that that model with those features is cheap but got a good deal originally and its cheaper hten what I ended up getting)

Plus when we used it, i'm sure jacuzzi's pure air (with air holes on the bottom) and the lights and nice 3.5" color lcd control panel would be pretty darn nice.

But alas, when I saw I could get it even another $50 cheaper then the already good price I had, but more importantly once I talked to a rep at the store/site that had it for less and asked about the Jason and especially the microsilk which I was always interested in, I was convinced I needed to cancel my hasty order (was in a rush because bathroom is demo'd and already been delayed so much and needs to get done so I was worried i would have to wait till the tub was in to even do the marble tub decdk surround template).

Also, believe it or not, when I asked my wife her preference between the Jacuzzi BellaVista corner tub and the Jason CC550, she prefered the Bellavista interior and obvioiusly the fancier exterior beveled trim plus the nicer control pad so I just went with that.

Upon hearing how great the microsilk realy was after already being very interested in it, I had to cancel. Decided to go with the microsilk and air masseur combo for the best of both worlds, I convinced her that it was the technology and and insides that matter more then the pretty control panel and exterior of the inferior jacuzzi brand tub. But believe it or not ppl not in the know still only know that brand so that was probably part of it even though friends of ours have a BainUltra I told her.

I dont think she will regret it and will thank me 1000 times over after she experiences the microsilk (some woman would love a husband that gets something like that which woudl regularly more be the woman begging her husband for it). The whole moisturizing and anti aging factors of the microsilk do seem a little more aimed at woman but I think I will like it too, will be good for the kids and overall worth it.

Jason only had 4 corner tubs available with microsilk and air-masseur combined (could be they only have 4 corner tubs altogether). 2 have a seat in the corner (tip of the triangle) which at first I thought would be nice for the kids and like when my daughter is afraid of the bubbles (mostly with powerful whirlpool jets) but then I realized you are basically left with an oval tub as the corner seat takes up valuable useable tub real estate.

?That left 2 models one of which was slight smaller 55x55 so the CC550 was the only 60x60 corner tub by Jason without a seat in the corner.

Its outside angles are actually exactly the same shape I think as the old Jacuzzii (Tara)tub we had, but that could be a good thing as will ensure it fits and works with the current tub box (wood) and hole for the tub plus can be used as a physical template possibly along with the measurements/diagram of the new tub.

Got biscuit (bone would have been too dark a cream to go with all the white and slight off white of our bathroom while the biscuit is just kind of off white) so wont look exact like old tub or as builder grade white. Plus the inside is different and i'm sure overall its going to look different and nicer even if it isnt the Jacuzzi bellavista with fancy beveled trim which would have been stupid to repalce one jacuzzi tub (which the builder probably put in for the first and previous owner 5 years ago).

Also the style of the bellavista especially that bevled trim my wife liked, is techincally a traditional/classic styling while our taste is more contemporary (though it seems as we get older we like to mix the 2 sometimes)

Microsilk is brand new technology (if you can call it that) and will be very exciting to try. Reading all the benefits of it sounds like a lot to live up to as they make it sound like a veritable depression curing, deep sleep inducing, healing, anti aging, fountain of youth that can clean your kids without soap or harsh detergents to boot, lol.

Also, it sounds very clean for the tub and Jason overall seems to have made sanitation a priority. In fact after reading about the bacteria in whirlpools and how air baths came along to give ppl an alternative who were afraid of that, but that air baths were also susceptible to it if water was left in the air tubes. So I stumbled upon Sanijet tubs which are the only nationally sanitary certified or whatever and have pipeless architecture which are fully removable and cleanable.

Did not like their corner design at all though as worse then a seat its just completely filled in wasted space and overall Sanijet seem more for hospitals or hotel spas that get used by 100's of ppl. I think even some nail salons use sanijet footbaths or something.

So although later I did hear that Sanijet is more powerful then air baths like just a bit below whirlpool water jets but for varous reasons wasn't itnerested. But bacteria free sanitation was important to me as it would be anyoen but especially with a wife that doesn't clean much, lol, and kids.

I had read about ppl using Ozone systems to hang in their older whirlpool tubs to alleviate bacteria and that they really work so I was impressed to find that Jason has an automatic ozone system feature. That and microsilk were big selling points for me on the Jason.

The reason the tub was an afterthought and only gave in to even getting a new one till last minute was because we were redoing the shower with bodysprays (also a last minute addition that the wife suggested and at first I said no, only to give in and end up with 8 of them including 4 water tiles which then once I realized I would need more rough in valved and trim kit levers for temp and even volume control, led me to the Kohler DTV (Digital Thermostatic Valve) which controls everything from a digital control pad and declutter your shower wall of all valves. But DTV is for another thread. but one point is with that Kohler dtv (just got the original not the dtv2 which adds steam and music control to the mix) digital interface, I dont think we will miss the Jacuzzi lcd digital control pad over the plainer Jason digital control pad.

point is, the shower is the main attraction and hopefully will give us enough massage from the body sprays like a darn carwash at which point we will need to get in the tub just to heal our soreness from the shower, lol.

Being the shower as it is, i probably could have gone with a tub for less that also just looked nice (though in that case just a soaking tub with no lights and no fancy digital control pad would have been cheapest but then it would really never get used)

So hopefully we use the tub a lot and i think with microsilk we will for ourselves and the kids.

I started this thread mostly to discuss Microsilk and see if there is anyone that actually has it alrady. It just came out in January but I'd think by now plenty of ppl have it.

i will report my review once we get it and installed which seems a long way of and still have the rest of the shower and tiling to finish in the meantime.

There are lots of threads on air baths but most seem older so discussion on different brand air baths is welcome here though I'm sure ppl would like to hear real life testimonials of ppl who have Microsilk.

Also any discussion and experience with Jason tubs in general.

my only concern with their air-masseur is that I was told hte air holes are around the perimeter of the tub and not on the tub floor (as even jacuzzii has) which I see being a slight issue for a big corner tub with big space in the middle far from tub walls and the air holes. But the whole tub gets filled with the microsilk bubbles so should be ok.

Again, thoughts on Jason tubs in general and especially any user experiences with MicroSilk.

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Dear Sir;
Jason International has an IMRSP and internet reseller contract. These do not allow the sale price of our products to be less than 75% of our list price, nor does it allow the sale of MicroSilk Hydrothereapy over the internet.

Unfortunately, one of our retailers listed MicroSilk hydrotherapy online. We will not be able to honor their order to us. However, We encourage you to visit your local showroom through the link below to finalize your purchase.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jason Hydrotherapy; Find a showroom

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no one will buy your product because you are spamming here, since paulo seems to be writing both these posts. Go AWAY!!

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Um, first off i am not that person who claims to be a rep from Jason nor am I affiliated with them.

But as far as that post, they are being really nasty and I never mentioned price,where I got the tub or if i even got one so not sure what they are talking about. But if they woud cancel someones order the way they are acting, I would definitely boycot their product and all on these forums (as well as the rest of the internet)would see how they are and not buy from them.

What if I did buy one of their tubs and then was giving thrm free positive advertising before even trying it and then thry treated the new customer that way by saying they would csncel their order.

Seems loke that would be a pretty grave mistake to me.

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As I have already said, and can clearly be seen here, I did not post the price or even where I got the tub from.

More importantly I want to add that I know exactly who/which showroom reported to Jason Hyrdrotherapy that they think a customer got a good price from somewhere.

That statement alone is laughable that a showroom would do that. They asked me to tell them what price I got so they could beat it, which I thought was wrong as they should just give their best price and not based on what price they have to beat. So I told them a low price to see if they would beat and what they would say in general.

Once they baited me into telling them a price (even though I tricked them) they got all aggressive over the phone demanding I tell them where I got it from for that price (which I made up). I said why and they said "so I can report them".

Looks like that is just what they did, when all they had to go by was a made up price for a certain model. They did not have the selling merchant or any other information.

Depending how this pans out I will be releasing the name of that showroom to these forums, as well as the news, the whole internet, and legal counsel if need be.

Further I think it leaves a terrible impression of Jason Hydrotherapy, that they would take a complaint from a showroom which basicallly told them "some guy told me that this Jason tub online for this low price and I would like to report it to guys at Jason". That is laughable.

How can they take his word about a price I told him which I could have made up. He may have even lied and lowered the price when he "reported" it.

The fact that a representative would come on here and assume it is that customer based on the model # (which proves that they have no other orders for that model) and say that they wont be fullfilling the order even though they will be paid in full for it, because they think maybe the reseller isn't selling it for enough is preposterous. What do they care how much profit the reseller makes and they can't make them or a private customer show how much they paid.

I think this was a very interesting test to see what would happen when I told that showroom a low false price. I am stating right here that the price I told him was lower then the price I got.

I will let all know how this pans out, but if my order is canceled, I will be releasing the name of that showroom to the news, these forums and other local and internet sources.

Also, this sale will be followed by all of the same as for Jason Hydrotherapy's part in it, if they do not fullfill the order.

After seeing that this is how they would handle a new customer who was trying their new technology and already making positive posts about which was basically free advertising for them and to get others on these forums interested in their brand and technology when most of these forums consensus is that BainUltra is the best air bath.

Jason should have been giving me discount and paying me for the free advertising and chance to gain marketshare even just on these forums dominated by BainUltra based stricly on real user reviews and experience.

I almost do not even want the product anymore but just out of principal will make sure no matter what I have to do to get it for the price I paid.

I hope all follow this carefully my updates if the order does in fact get canceled. Maybe they just want that other showroom to think it was and thats fine and as I said I will hold off on releasing the name of that showroom that "reported" the supposed low price that they "think" someone "may" have gotten which is complete heresay and unbelievable to me if Jason hyrdrotherapy does in fact cancel the order and bad enough they come on these forums and say as much.

Already you see one upset forum member thinking that I was also a Jason rep because the 2nd part of my name is the same as the first part of the Jason rep and because I was already praising the product pre-emptively before receiving.

Depending on how this pans out, I believe this will completely make or break said showroom that "reported" this and Jason has already made themselves look bad with what they said here, so we will see how this pans out.

If the legal and binding order is left alone, then I would be willing to keep the name of the showroom to myself and hope they just learn from their mistake before they lose their whole rep and business and while Jason has already exposed themselves, I will report if I do in fact get my order and say that the people let it slide and give Jason a chance still.

That maybe they were just acting improperly after being riled by an out of line show room owner/rep who tried to make trouble based on heresay and a figure someone told him over the phone.

Quite laughable but also an interesting situation and possible serious reprucussions for both the "reportee" and Jason as the manufacturer of the tub if my order does not go through.

Depending on how they handle, I may fight with all my legal rights to receive the product only to sell it myself brand new for less then I bought for which they can not tell me how much to sell it for.

Hopefully they will make right on their comments here and the order so as to have me and all the ppl of these forums and the internet still give them a chance and benefit of the doubt.

In fact at this point, I will not be trusting that I will receive my order until I do so I suggest they fast track it to me before they have an absolute PR nightmare on their hands.

I can be forthright about this because I as the customer did nothing wrong. I placed an order for their product with an authorized reseller. A local showroom called me the day after I placed the order after I had left them a message and upon my telling them I had already ordered it, they asked me the price. I was offended by this instead of them just giving me their price if they really wanted me to cancel my order with another retailer to order with them instead and when pressed a couple times for the price, I made up a price lower then what I got it for.

All of what I did is completely legal and within my right. Very interesting to see what has transpired here though. If I have to I will fight this in the legal system to see that I receive my already done fully paid for order.

I will not release the name of the reseller but as of right now believe them to be completely innocent and a merchant that I trust and would recommend. If the manufacturer cancels an order they placed for their customer, that will make them look bad and reflect on their reputation and business so I'm sure they would have their own possible legal actions against the "reporting" showroom and against Jason Hydrotherapy for not fulfilling the order.

Once again I have done nothing wrong here whatsoever but spend a lot of money taking my chance on a new product which I was already giving positive feedback about and asking others to share their thoughts and personal experience with the product which ultimately would have helped JASON sales tremendously the way this forum has for BainUltra airbaths.

Stay tuned here and whereever else I can possibly share my story if for any reason the manufacturer in this case Jason International Hyrdrotherapy does not fullfill the order to the authorized merchant I bought it from.

Again, I will give them a chance to repair their rep and damage they have done to themself by saying what they did here but as of now, I have not been notified of my order being canceled so just like the "report" from the showroom and the false price I told them I got, this could be nothing, possibly even someone posing as a rep from Jason Hyrdotherapy with the last name Jacuzzii.

but because of what the showroom rep said "I'm going to report that price!" I believe there to be some truth what the Jason rep said here and will report here the second I am notified that my order is canceled.

Rest assured I will not be reording it from anywhere, and funny that the Jason rep references the find a local showroom link as if I would possibly order it from the very showroom that reported the price I got. Imagine if his "whistle blowing" of a made up number based on heresay got another merchants order canceled and brought him a sale. That must be against the law.

Funny that this thread started out with a new customer to Jason Hydrotherapy product excited about a new technology and was the first to make a thread about it on these important consumer forums which was actually a great service to Jason. And again I nowhere mentioned where I got it from let alone price.

So ironic that the thread now turns into an outlet to see how these consumer privacy and rights issue pans out with the fate of the whistle blowing showroom and even Jason Hyrdotherapy's fate in the hands of their own actions at this point.

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Youd think the Jason rep would have wanedt to chime in and comment on the microsilk technology and why the Jason hydrotherapy are as good or better then other air baths....but instead this.

Doesnt give me much confidence in their product or even want it anymore.

But I will make sure I receive what I have an official invoice for.

And to think I was their first fan already praising the product which is completely absent from any positive discussion or reviews on these or other forums. Only to have my pre-emptive compliments shot down by their own company rep (and member of the fsmily that founded the company) saying that the order "wont be fullfilled" and then being so brazen as to assume I would then still repurchase the product elsewhere for more causing the original merchant to lose the sale. Wow.

In fact now that I think about it, none of correspondence with Jason on the phone or by email were very friemdly at all.. And actually it was the reseller wnose order they want to cancel were the sole credit to Jason getting the sale. A sale which would have lead to possibly rave reviews by myself on here amd other forums plus fam & friemds irl (think how fast word spreads on fb) which would have lead to many sales for Jason int. But instead now a loss of sale, pr nightmsre snd possible legsl ramifications.

Will be interesting to see if they do the right thing to help turn this embarassing pr mess around for themselves.

Their best bet at this point might be to claim that poster is just an imposter with official looking email addy and that they would never cancel a customers sale all because some jealous competing merchant who didnt get the sale "reported" that he thinks someone might have got a good deal elsewhere.

Worst case scenario for me is I get my money back for an impulse buy on unproven technology and possibly use it to get a superior proven BainUltra air bath while pursuing my legal rights with the friendly reseller in a joint suit against both the "reporting" showroom and Jason International.

Either way, my family and I went from being excited amd willing to try a new brand and bath technology not to mention exceeding the tub budget significantly only to be told by the manufac. thst we might not have paid enough?

So now we feel very violated snd upset about this with a very bad impression of the "reporting" locsl showroom and Jason Int. A situation which will have to be shared in a big way depending how this turns out.

Will keep this thread, other internet sources, plus the news and legsl counsel posted..... Stsy tuned.

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That is in fact Paulo Jacuzzi of Jason int, and he did contact the merchant/reseller. My order is in a holding pattern now which is very upsetting to us as it was needed yesterday.

Once agsin, they are going by heresay of a rep at a showroom who "reported" to them that he thinks someone got a good price. He baited me into telling him a price which I have stated several times here, thst I told him a price thst was lower then what I got.

Furthermore he coud have lied and told Jason int. An even lower price. Thry csnnot legslly force the selling showroom or customer to show what was actually paod.

This already is an invasion of privacy and my legal rights.

To be clesr, I called the selling merchant/showroom to buy a completely different brand tub. I just happened to ask "what is this microsilk abiut and Jason baths in general".

The very authorized reseller and showroom thst Jason is now holding up the sale of one of their customers is the whole reason Jason got the sale. This friendly merchsnt/showroom (unloke my locsl one which I would never buy from) simglehandedly got Jason the sale snd even possibly took less profit to gain a new customer and get Jason the sale which they get in full.

Jason int has this reseller to thank and should be praising them for getting a customer to switch from a competing product to their Jason product and therein exceeding the customers (me) original budget.

A sale which alredy was bringing preemptive positive review and praise and woukd have helped get Jasons product and their new bath technology out there, therefore bringing in msny subsequent future sales.

The way Jason has handled this so far was very unwise from a business standpoint and I feel that at this time they owe the merchsnt and the customer much more then just an apology.

Both the merchant and the customer are ready to go full force in this against the "reporting" showroom and Jason Int.

We will see if they do the right thing and make up for this atrocity but at this point, just putting the order through is not enough (especially after losing precious time) and I will be pursuing tnis matter to the fullest extent depending on how they handle tnis from here.

And based on their already cocky unfriendly reputation, which I have witnessed first hand, I do not have much confidence they will resolve this amicably so myself and the reseller are united and ready to pursue tnis matter full force.

In the meantime, my family and I are very upset about tnis while we wait to see how they are going to make right on this and am only giving them a few more hours to figure it out before its too late.

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First off, it really is a shame, that the first thread started on these forums about Microsilk, which was intended for ppl interesting in learning more about this new bath technology by Jason Hyrdotherapy, now turned into this embarassing debacle for Jason International and the "reporting" showroom.

In fact, as I was the first person to start a thread here on Microsilk, to share my experience with others interested in possibly purchasing this type of Jason bath, now there may not be any other purchases of Jason baths at all let alone microsilk based on my buying experience.

Jason Hyrdrotherapy has single handedly shot themselves in the foot here, by canceling the sale from an authorized reselle of their product based on heresay from a competing showroom MarkIV Kitchens & Baths of Abington, PA who called Jason Hyrdotherapy to tell them that someone was selling thier product for too low a price.

That is how this started so let me reiterate how it happened and what MarkIV Kitchen & Baths of Abington, PA now says. The whole turn of events is so ludicrous that there is no need on my part to add anything or exagerate in any way shape or form and I will be telling my story to every outlet I can until this is amicably resolved.

Basically the day after I ordered from another showroom who I had called to place an order for a competing bath (Jacuzzii brand ironically enough). When I called them to place the order for the Jacuzzii bath, I happened to ask a friendly sales rep who was educated in all the different manufacturers and baths that they sell, about Jason baths in general and their new yet unknown microsilk bath technology.

This professional, educated and most importantly friendly sales rep told me that the Jason product was a great bath and that the Microsilk while new and mostly unnkown/untested was in her testing and experiencing it a very nice bath technology.

This sales rep from this professional showroom which just happens to be in a different state then I live in, basically sold me on the Jason product, stealing them a sale away from a competing manufacturers prodcut.

She (along with the company/showroom she works for) should be praised, thanked, and awarded by Jason International for getting them that important sale which would have brought their company and their new technology rave reviews on these forums and other internet sources to family and friends in person and on facebook.

Instead Jason killed not only this sale but all the subsequent sales it would have brought which I believe they are underestimating the power of the internet on to make or break them.

And for what reason did they kill this sale y9ou ask? Well, I day after I had made the purchase of which I have a legal and binding fully paid invoice for, a local showroom called me back following up on my inquiry about that Jason model bath. Upon telling them that I had already purchased a bath but would keep htem in mind for other things, the rep (who I believe to be the owner despite him later denying it only to call me back later and basically admit it) aggressively asked me what I paid and when I asked why he said maybe he could beat it.

I refused to tell him but pressed harder and harder so I decided I would just tell him a figure lower then what I actually paid. This rep or owner of MarkIV Kitchens & Baths flipped out on the phone which really startled me and was not something I as a customer needed to deal with. He started yelling and asking me where I bought it for that price (which I made up because I did not think it was right what he was doing) and I did not tell him.

Apparently he (I'm sure we can all look up the name of the owner of MarkIV Kitchen & Baths) called up Jason Hyrdrotherapy and told them that he "thinks "someone" "may" have bought one of their baths for "a low price". yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds but that is what this guy did. For all Jason Int. or anyone knows he could have told them an even lower sale price then even I told him which already was lower then what I paid. I will further say that what I paid was a completely legitimate price so now Jason has changed their reason as to why the didn't fullfill the order which now has nothing to do with price.

Whatever else he said them obviously riled up Jason Hyrdrotherapy enough to look into their sales of the model # he told them which apparently they only had 1 sale of and so they stopped the sale based on heresay from a disgruntled merchant, angry that a more professional and friendly competing authorized showroom got the sale. I had already heard bad things about this guys showroom and would never buy from them anyway especially not now.

This owner of MarkIV Kitchens & Baths now claims that it has nothing to do with me and that he didn't really intend to hurt me as the private customer, that he called up a few merchants to get price quotes and when he got one that he thought was low, he "reported" them to Jason.

Upon first talking to this owner of MarkIV Kitchens & Baths of Abington, PA, he was very nasty, saying that he was glad it killed the sale for the other merchant and didn't care that affected the life of me the private customer who has nothing to do with the pricing rules that Jason or any other manufacturer sets. I could further elaborate things he said but basically he was just very nasty and didn't show any remorse for the fact that what he did ultimately caused a lot of duress for a private customer and his family in our purchase and ultimately delaying our bathroom renovation which needs the bath in place immediately.

Later, after realizing the reprucussions his actions could cause his business, he called back claiming that he did not intend to hurt me as the private customer but that it was just business. He just wanted to report the other merchant.

I told him that he accomplished nothing productive. He killed the sale for another merchant from another state who isn't even really his competition as deals with local customers and would not share any of the same customers with the merchant for who he reported the sale based on heresay. But he also killed the sale for Jason Int.

Most hurt of all was us as the private customer because ultimately our fialized sale was then not fullfilled because of his actions. I told him that was what he accomplished which was nothing beneficial for him or his business and no good could come of it. He just tried to convince in still a mean and aggressive way that he did wasn't wrong and convince me of his twisted thinking. Facts are his actions hurt another merchant, Jason Hyrdrotherapy and a private customer who has nothing to do with the agreement between authorized merchants and Jason Int.

That even if indirectly or suupposedly not on purpose, his useless actions did in fact hurt a private customer who has nothing to do with the whole situation, and one in his local area. Not very smart of him at all.

Very disappointed in Jason Hydrotherapy as well in my first experience with them and now have a very bad opinion of them as a company. No matter how good their prodcut is (which remains to be seen) it is nothing without good customer service and ppl to actually buy their product.

And nothing without good merchants like the one I bought from which helped sell me on Jasons product. And a new technology that ppl are skeptical of. If Jason is so confident on their product then they should put a couple out there for free even until word gets out that it is a good product and makes other ppl want to buy it.

Instead they kill one of the first sales of their new product based on heresay from another merchant angry that they didn't get the sale.

jason should be suing MarkIV Kitchen & Bath for killing a sale of one of their products and causing this whole PR nightmare for them.

The professional, educated, freindly merchant I bought from should be suing that showroom which "reported" their sale, and Jason Hyrdrotherapy for killing the sale to one of their customers as that makes the merchant I bought from look bad, when I place and pay for an order only to have it canceled by the manufac. And I should possibly be joining the merchant we bought from in a joint suit against the "reporting" showroom and Jason Int. But we will wait and see how they ultimately handle this though as of now my order is canceled and I have not heard from them as I guess they are acting like it has nothing to do with me but rather between them and their authorized resellers. But we were the customer that was hurt in all this so I am going to conferring with my own legal counsel to see what our options are. We were wronged, hurt and damaged by this incident and though it was initiated by the "reporting" showroom, Jason Hydrotherapy are the ones that ultimately canceled the order based on that showrooms heresay as ridiculous as that sounds.

And now, not only did I lose days but i have to go back to the drawing board researching bath manufacturers and their prodcut so that I can make a new purchase.

BainUltra, recommended and loved by many users of these forums, Jacuzzii (great styling and other features), MTI, Neptune, Sanijet, and many others.

We do not want to support a company that does business this way and cannot recommend them at all now. I think Jason Hyrdrotherapy is making a grave mistake and greatly underestimating the power of the internet and word of mouth between consumers. It is not just these forums but everywhere on and offline, ppl only trust other ppls review and experience with products and their brand.

As you can see by my first post I was already giving postiive feedback on the Jason Hyrdrotherapy bath we purchased and their new microsilk technology and would have turned this thread into an informative free advertising for them to inform others about their product and garner subsequent sales.

instead they killed it before any of that positivity could happen for them and instead brought a pr nightmare on themselves which while I will be purchasing a bath from a competing manufacturer, we will be pursuing our rights in this matter intensely.

Jason Int. does still have a chance to do the right thing here but as of now, they have canceled the order.

What I would suggest to them woujld be to:
apologize to the merchant whose order they cancled and thank them for bringing them this sale and in general being a great authorized reseller and well versed in their product.
Award that merchant for luring a customer away from a competing brand to their product and getting Jason a good sale. Even being willing to take slightly less profit just so as to get Jason the sale of which they still get their full amount.
Apologize to the merchant for the trouble and putting their reputation on the line by holding up the order of one of their customers.

Expedite our order and offer some type of bonus like a free rotary drain with the tub for our trouble in this matter and delay of our order.

Make no mistake my wife and I were very very upset to find from a Jason rep on a forum where I was speaking anonymously no less, that our order would not be fullfilled.

Clearly Jason only had one order of this model during this time, but still some audacity by the Jason rep on this thread to assume I was the customer of that order, and inform me that the order would not be fullfilled.

i am however glad he did so that all can see it and it cannot be deleted.

Now that being said, the merchant I bought from suppoedly was in contact with him, Paulo Jacuzzii, and he supposedly wanted the order to go through. He claimed that there was an older (and apparently old fashioned) higher up memeber of the company that was insistent on canceling the order based on the other merchants claims.

Ironically, Jasons Int's stance at this point is that they did not cancel the order because of price (which doesn't make sense any way because they still get their full amount and a merchant taking slight less profit to get a new product out there should be rewarded) and I probably paid a completely legitimte price, But rather (now get this) that I was not present in the showroom to place the order face to face.

Can anyone believe this?!? I dont care if the showroom is around the corner. Some ppl for a number of different reasons cannot or just dont want to have to go into the showroom. Once they research the product and have made a decision, you should be able to call up the showroom and place the order which is exactly what I did.

Lets be clear, THIS WAS NOT AN ONLINE ORDER, as Paul Jacuzzii, mistakenly claims in his post among other inaccuracies. I called up an authorized Jason bath reseller showroom and placed an order. AGain, I actually originally called to place an order for a competing manufacturers prodcut but was swayed to the Jason product by the informative sales rep when I inquired about it as a side question while I was preparing to place the order for the other brand.

Literally at the time I was going to purchase a competing brand, I simply inquired about the Jason baths in general and particularly about Microsilk and not only was swayed to instead purchase a Jason bath but also to increase my budget for the bath significantly.

After all this trouble, I wish I had just stuck to the other brand I was going to buy but am glad to know get to purchse a possibly completely different brand like well reviewed and fan favorite BainUltra.

Once again, Jason Int's stance is that I had to be present in the showroom to place the order. I cannot believe Jason postd the link on their site to find a local showroom as if I would then "finalize" my order with the showrom which "reported" my purchase. I already heard bad things about them and especially now would never buy from them.

As a private customers, we all have the right to buy from wherever we want. If we choose to make our purchase from a showroom in another state because we feel they are more educated on the product, and most importantly their friendliness (which goes a long way and is something Jason Int. could learn from) then we as consumers have the right to do that.

How can a manufacturer make a rule which states that the customer must be present in the showroom to make the order. So I have to drive out to the showrom in another state to place the order, or send a friend o family member in that area to make the purchase. Forget it, Jason isnt worth it.

i will however buy a competing brand bath from the original merchant so they still get a sale. Only Jason loses.

Their brand and product is practically unknown and if they cancel one of the first orders for one of their baths with Microsilk then good luck to them getting it out there.

Just look what thees forums alone have done for BainUltra. Something like 80% of the ppl tht come here researching air baths wind up purchasing a BainUltra bath based on other consumers reviews and buying experience is part of that.

I doubt BainUltra ever canceled an order from a merchant.

I welcome Paulo jacuzzii and anyone else from Jason Hyrdrotherapy, to respond here.

If it really is one old fashioned high ranking personnel in the company that insisted on not fullfilling the order based on the heresay of a disgruntled jealous merchant, that someone else got a sale, then I suggest the ohter members of the board vote him out to a different position or to retire with honor before he kills the companies whole business model.

Jason Int. seems to very arrogant and claims they are "the best" but clearly does not have the sales or the praise of the actual customers (or the merchants at this point) to back it up.

They are nothign without their merchants and their customers and they have greatly violated both here.

I will update if and when they do anything to make right of this situation but as it stands now, my order is canceled.

In the meantime, I am moving on with a better bath manufacturer and product but will be contacting Jason Hyrdrotherapy to see what they have to say for themselves and the duress this has caused my family and I. If they do nothing, then I will confer with my legal counsel to see what my recourse is against both Mark IV Kitchen & Bath of Abington, PA and Jason Hydrotherapy.

They all claim it has nothing to do with me and is between the manufacturer (jason Int.) and the merchants but ultimately it us and other consumers who are hurt by this nonsense as clearly evident in this unfortunate debacle.

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Also, for anyone interested in a microsilk alternative, it looks like Neptune had their micro bubble technology called Tonic, first and they have nicer styles then Jason anyway.

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Ironically, I JUST watched a video on this micro silk tub on YouTube. This is an amazing product. I am curious to see if it has been tested and proven to actually make you look younger. Are there any side effects? How much does this cost? Does anyone have one of these yet?
I am skeptical until I have seen results and heard reviews.
I can't wait to hear more about this tub.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jason micro silk bath tub - REALLY cool new tub

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My skin bathes in oxygen all day long, not sure some of their claims have much merit in that regard. Might be a nice, relaxing, comfortable bath though.

    Bookmark   April 6, 2011 at 8:54PM
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2nd attempt to purchase with new merchant also was canceled after losing even more days.

Almost went with a Neptune or other brand tub at this point but...

Luckily, I was told to call Jason Hydrotherapy and ask for a particular person to find out what was going on. So I did and while he is probably who the merchants were saying was "the old stickler" he was actually pretty nice and reasonable. He explained that the order just has to be placed by a showroom and they prefer it to be one at least within driving distance from you.

The first order was from a showroom that has a website but it was the fact that their showroom is pretty far away in another state. I did call their showroom though and they put the sale through via their showroom not their website.

The second order was also from a showroom but this time within driving distance not far at all but, even though I placed the order with their brick & mortar showroom they put it through under the name of their website so Jason Int. did not honor the order.

Luckily I am in the tri/quad state area with southeastern PA (Philadelphia area), north Deleware, all of NJ and the NYC area all within an hour or so with lots of authorized showrooms via the Jason website.

So tomorrow I am giving Jason Int. one last try (3rd times a charm?)by placing the order with a showroom not far from me. The person I spoke with said there is nooone higher up then him at Jason Int. and that he will make sure it goes through. It just has to be an authorized Jason Hydrotherapy showroom (plus within driving distance I guess) which this place qualifies as. I told him I (and I'm sure the merchant) would fully cooperate to abide by Jason Int.'s rules and he said he would make sure the order goes through (and hopefully expedited at this point as I needed the tub last week!)

I am positive that everything will be fine now and after speaking with the head of the company, I have renewed confidence in Jason Hyrdrotherapy and their products. Hopefully there are no other problems and everything works out with the tub coming in a timely manner and being worth the wait.

Thanks for following this debacle which now has a light at the end of the tunnel.

At this point though, I wont fully believe everything is ok until I actually receive the tub. But hopefully soon we can resume this thread for what it was for and that is for owners of Jason tubs in general to share pics and review of their baths; and answer questions for perspective buyers as well as discus Jason Hyrdrotherapy's new microsilk technology and anyone who has it. Which so far looks like noone as I was one of the first to order it which is why you would think they would want the order to go through.

But alas they have strict regulations on it, and since it was between manufacturer (Jason) and the resellers, I was not properly informed of the reasoning, so was beginning to think I as a private customer was being discriminated against. But by going straight to the source I find that the reason had nothing to do with me as the customer, that they wanted to make the sale, and the solution was pretty simple. It just has to be purchased from an actual brick and mortar authorized showroom and preferably within driving distance (this will suck for ppl that live in areas where the closest showroom is 3-4 hours away or more, but luckily I live in the tristate area with many Jason authorized showrooms in 4 different states all within less then 2 hours away)

After weeks of confusion this was instantly cleared up by going straight to the source (the highest up at Jason Int.) and all should be well now.

Will confirm once I actually receive the tub.

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I'm reluctant to buy from any company that publishes their online brochure in that gawdawful FlashPageFlip format. Don't use Flash for brochures. (actually, don't use flash for anything, it's a PITA). We can't let our potential customers allow pages to be viewed large enough to be readable on anything smaller than a plasma HDTV, and Lord help us if they actually want to printour advertising! Why can't they give us something useful like a .PDF document like everyone else?

Too bad, as I am completely behind the basic idea of lots of tiny bubbles feeling much better than the usual large bubbles produced (often noisily) by conventional air tubs. (less sure about the pseudoscientific terminology - anions improving seritonin levels in the brain, etc.). But you can demonstrate the basic principle in any plain bathtub - lie on your back, cup your hand(s), lift your back, and push or splash some air/water under your back. In the first few seconds afterward, the large bubbles will quickly rise to the air surface. But the tiniest bubbles will be stragglers, clinging to your body as they slowly work their way up your back, shoulders, and neck. Subtle and sensual, it feels incredible.

And at least one of their tubs looks great - the IC635P. A clear glass tub! (actually it's translucent acrylic, but that will do). My heart is pounding from just thinking of how stunning a certain someone would look bathing in one of these babies....

Did I mention it's 6 feet long and 42" wide? Room for two. A hearty 23" deep.

I want!

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So, have you installed it yet?

I'm interested in what you think. My wife has really dry skin and we have been eyeing this new MicroSilk technology.

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I have had nothing but problems with my Bain Ultra jet tub. My tub would turn on randomly throughout the night, so I would be in bed and hear air rushing from the tub in the middle of the night. Within a year of installation the lights on the keypad stopped functioning. Called their customer service department and they will not honor their warranty. Apparently their electronics and keypads are poorly constructed. The Bain employee I spoke to suggested I replace the tub altogether.

    Bookmark   November 9, 2011 at 11:23AM
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So has anyone on this site bought the Microsilk by Jason? Does it really work as advertised? Is it worth the can?

You can email me a private review if you prefer at gentry111us@yahoo.com.

    Bookmark   June 27, 2012 at 10:10PM
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I tried it out one night at a plumbing store last April and ended up purchasing it (yesterday). Won't be installed until September/October however - I don't know if it works or not, but I felt relaxed afterwards - reminded me of how I felt the few times I have had a spa treatment - less stress, I guess. I purchased the LX - which had back jets, which felt wonderful on my old back. The microsilk made the water look smoky - felt moisture in the air.

    Bookmark   June 29, 2012 at 8:13AM
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I am considering getting the MicroSilk feature along with the chromatherapy by Jason. Can anyone comment on using either or both of these features over some length of time? What are the drawbacks and benefits that you have discovered?

    Bookmark   March 16, 2013 at 8:20AM
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I am considering getting the MicroSilk feature along with the chromatherapy by Jason. Can anyone comment on using either or both of these features over some length of time? What are the drawbacks and benefits that you have discovered?

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Karen, I'd suggest starting a new thread or looking at the Jason tub thread. There is too much baggage on this one and new discussion is likely to get lost.

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FYI, Oxygen is damaging to skin and other cells of the body. The fact that your body can use it to convert into energy is because oxygen gas (in the air) forms high energy chemical bonds, which your metabolism breaks and then traps the energy.

Oxygen damages DNA, fatty acids (ie skin membranes) and other cells in your body.

That's why ANTI-oxidants are good for you - Vitamin C, E etc neutralize oxidants when applied externally or taken internally.

I find it really hilarious that people think increasing oxygen will make you look younger. No, it won't.

A vigorous, stimulating bath might hydrate your skin, making it temporarily look better - but nothing to do with the oxygen content.

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We are considering Microsilk tub in new master bath and wondering about people's experiences with skin, installation, upkeep..
. divot diva & lascatx, have either of you installed your microsilk tub yet? We tried the demo mini-tub and seem to see less wrinkles in immersed hand vs. non-immersed even after a couple of days but it looks too good to be true so we're doing more consumer research.

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Selena, we dumped this thread due to spam. Check out the other threads.

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Is there a up date of someone other than a dealer, that chose the microsilk tub. Can I get a 60 by 32 microsilk air masseur alcove tub

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Maybe delete it entirely?

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Verna search for my thread regarding Jason. this thread is full of spam

    Bookmark   April 2, 2014 at 4:43AM
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