Valentines Day Poop and Soup Poems.

SummerJanuary 10, 2002

Just in case anyone wants these, here are the ones I have.

Does anyone have anymore?




(*Put some cinnamon red hot heart shaped candies in a bag*)


I couldn't send you flowers, and candy wouldn't do,

Mushy cards just didn't say the things I want them to.

So I got you something special, and here's the inside scoop,

I found you something very rare - It's genuine Cupid Poop!


When cupid shoots his arrow

And misses your heart by a few,

You don't have to worry

Because he left his red Pooh-Pooh.


As cupid shoots his arrow

And misses your heart by a few,

He'll leave you something special,

His Cupid Red Pooh-Pooh.


Love Soup


(*use a hot cocoa packet, mini marshmallows, and for a stirring stick, use a red candy stick.

Put in all in a Valentines Day cello bag with a bag topper on it, and put in a mug*)

Cupid made a little batch

Of love soup just for you.

He blew a kiss and threw it in,

In fact, he blew you two.

He added white and fluffy hugs,

And a little stirring stick,

Add some hot water and sip it slow,

It's sure to do the trick.


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Thanks a lot Summer. I needed some last minute ideas! As always, if it weren't for last minutes, I wouldn't get anything done! LOL

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