Rover 213: good car, bad car?

ReynAugust 26, 2005

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for a cheap but sturdy car, and I've come across an at first glance very reasonably priced 1986 Rover 213 automatic. It is well tended, in very good shape considering its age, and it's only run 105000km (65000mi). But since I don't know much about Rovers, I would like to ask some opinions about this car.

So far what I've found out is that it's basically a Rover-branded Honda Ballade, and the few articles I found on the Internet about the Rover 213 have been positive: a reliable, economic vehicle. Do you agree with this opinion?

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Art Herrick : The Rover (Rover 80, 90, 2000 and LandRover) is the world's worst car !
I'll never forget that..
What has happened in England to their automobile industry is a crying shame. And the same could happen to us !

Leaving all this ranting aside, the single most important thing is the quality of service and availability of parts at a reasonable cost..

IMO, the English do seem to know how to paint a motor vehicle - if nothing else...

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I've heard similar knee-jerk reactions from others aswell: "Rover sucks!" But the thing is, the Rover 213 isn't a Rover, it's a Honda :) So maybe it's just the one exception to the rule together with its bother, the 216?

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No knee-jerk here, I neither agreed nor disagreed with him, he was an excellent mechanic, drove a Saab GT750 for a while, and then a Buick Riveria..

I'm sure the Ronda is a better car - the Japanese seem to have a better attitude re quality..

But why not just buy a Honda ??

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Hey Worm:
Do you get a royalty or bonus of some kind every time you mention Saab ? No matter what the Topic of discussion is, you seem to feel a need to compare the posters' problem to your own real world experiences and many times you're way off base, what gives ?

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If you live stateside, I'd be concerned about service and availability of repair parts.

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