Refrigerator Drawer Recommendations?

chris11895March 18, 2012

I've been searching for reviews on fridge drawers but most are a couple of years old so I thought I'd solicit some advice and input.

We're looking at doing fridge drawers in our island and have seen various brands in person (Marvel, Summit, Kitchenaid, Electrolux, SZ) but none that are hooked up and working. I want to make sure we don't choose a brand that's loud or has some sort of quirk like it's loud for short periods etc., We also would prefer a model that has a panel option.

So if anyone on here has first hand experience and reviews from living with various models in their own kitchen, or has a vast amount of knowledge on these units, I would greatly appreciate the input!

Thanks in advance.

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I am also looking for fridge drawers and came across True appliances. They make commercial fridges and are now branching into home appliances. The drawers look really nice. I do not know if they are noisy, as that is also a deciding factor for me. Perlick also makes very nice and, reportedly, quiet drawers. I will be interested in hearing what you decide on.

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Marvel are loud-ish for short periods, but I liked the interior best for putting things away. The extra deep lower drawer is especially worthwhile. I've had them for two years now and really like them. You do have to be careful not to let anything block the sensors by overstuffing the top drawer or it'll go into a tizzy and need a cold reset (i.e., pull the plug.

For all around quietest (all fridges make some noise) and storage design, I'd recommend Perlick. Pricy, but you get what you pay for.

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We have the electrolux drawers and they are wonderful. They are quiet. Perhaps they have good sound insulation.

They are so close to where we sit in the kitchen, that you could sit at our kitchen table and touch the fridge drawers while sitting. We have a relatively small kitchen. They are advertised at 6 cubic ft. of space but i take ads with the proverbial grain of salt, altho they are roomy. They look good, too.

Cokes are cold and the produce doesn't freeze. It does what I want and beautifully. Pricey at $2k

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I Know I've said it before, but check out Perlick's Factory Seconds. Their freezer drawers (I know you are looking for fridge drawers) don't make ice though.

You can alway call Scott and ask him what's available if you don't see it on the list.

My Beverage Center arrives tomorrow!

Here is a link that might be useful: Perlick's Factory Seconds

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I like the SZ drawers.. seems to be well made. I got the freezer drawers based on good feedback in GW. Also have you seen the new FP cool drawers? You can configure it to be a refrigerator or a freezer. I saw it in a show room and it seemed to be nice and spacious.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fisher Paykel Cool drawer

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Congrats, Bee! I'll definitely keep an eye on that site and contact Scott when we closee to purchase time.

Lalitha, I recall hearing about the FP drawers, but haven't seen them in person. Worth looking into!

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I have the FP Cool Drawer. We are just moving into our kitchen slowly but shirley after 9 months. I have had this hooked up for about 6+ weeks. Its very quiet. I think it uses a variable speed motor. If the room is completely quiet you may hear it quietly kick on or running. I think my Miele all fridge is louder but by no means is either "Loud" or even close to it.

My goal was to use the FP as a freezer since I bought a 36" all fridge. Right now we have it setup as a wine fridge, which housed some bottles of wine that I thought I would have been drinking during this ordeal. I did most as DIY so as it turns out no drinking for me, or else this would have taken longer ;).

I love the fact that it is not a dedicated appliance and I can change its function.

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Todds - I have been interested in the FP drawer since I saw it in a showroom. Does it have to be mounted right under the counter or could you have a wide drawer under the counter with the FP under that?

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Now that I have the unit in place I can understand the instructions a little better.
Also, the frameless install manual is in MM and the framed in in so I used both as a guide for figuring things out.

My cool drawer is basically the base of my pantry cabinet. I am not home but will try an measure tonight. Its easier that way vs. looking again at the manual, which I am doing again to see if there is enough room. Basically, the manual shows the cool drawer being installed on wood blocks or an additional shelf for space for the air duct. However, the only reason for using the duct and wood blocks is if you were installing the unit in a typical base cabinet under a countertop and this was the only thing in the space. Basically the blocks provides a spacer, so that the unit is then right under the counter and the duct it to allow a connected path directly out of the cabinet for warm air to exit. Since mine is not mounted below a counter, it sits right on the cabinet bottom, with the two required cutouts.

However, now that I typed all of that, the instructions say the unit itself is 25 3/16". A frameless cabinet box would be 30 1/2 and then have to deduct like 1.5" for the top and bottom. so that leaves 29". The remaining space is only 3 13/16". Not enough room.

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Thanks todds. I studied the specs on the website and couldn't make out whether or not there would be space for another drawer. Seems like no. Putting it in a pantry is a good idea but alas, I do not have one.

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beekeeperswife - thanks for the suggestion. I talked to Scott and actually have a beverage fridge on hold! Please let me know what you think of your beverage centre.

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