Ford Freestyle - opinions?

sdelloAugust 9, 2006

We need to re[place the tired 93 Caprice classic wagon.

My wife is enamored with the Ford Freestyle. I prefer the dodge/chysler mini vans.

any experiences you'd like to share?


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I don't own one but why don't you also take a look at Toyota Highlander. They are comparable but higher ranked at

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I have one (2005) and, after 28,000 miles, I have to say I have been more than pleased. It replaced a 10 year-old Volvo wagon that I absolutely loved but it was beginning to need more and more work to keep it running. The last time I looked, the Edmunds site rated the Freestyle about the same as the Highlander. From what I've read, though, the AWD models tend to be rated lower than the FWDs. I did not opt for AWD since we don't have a lot of snow here in NC. Ice? Yes, but I don't drive in ice!

I had never driven a Ford before, and I had certainly never bought a first year model of ANYthing, so I was a little apprehensive before the purchase. But I have had no regrets. I can give you more information. Any specific questions?

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thanks for your input. My wife ended up getting an '05 with 29k (former rental/lease). Also, we extended the warranty through 70k. Hopefully, we will have a positive experience like you have had.

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You're welcome...hope your DW enjoys it. And, at 29,000 miles, it's just "good and broken in"!

I started to say in my earlier post that I don't see too many Freestyles on the road around here. But, just today, I saw four in a 2-hour span of time! I think they are being discontinued in '07, though, so we may have a "rare breed" on our hands (lol).

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