Seeking pictures of long narrow showers with 1 glass wall

annkathrynMarch 8, 2012

I'm looking for pictures of long, narrow tiled showers where only one short wall is glass. This is the current plan for my new master bath, and I'm concerned it will look a bit like a cave. The dimensions are 3'5" x 5'5". Pictures much appreciated!

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Have you see this one from Houzz

traditional bathroom design by vancouver design-build Debbie Evans,RID

Or this one from the Kohler site;

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The way they did the lighted niche at the far end in the first photo makes it seem sort of like a window.

It has the opposite effect in the last (above) photo where the niche is dark.

But that's probably just me.

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Great pictures, thanks. Maybe it's just me, or else the distortion of the photos, but the first 3 pictures make the showers look very narrow. The tilework is beautiful though. I really like the way the niches in the 2nd picture look.

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Beautiful showers. Thank you for posting them.
I put a solatube in my shower to make sure that it was not too cave-like.


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My MIL's guest bath has this set up. I'm not sure of the exact dimensions, but I'm sure it's close to yours. Unlike the other pics, the shower head is on the back short wall and the shower handle is just inside the glass door on the right (so you don't have to stand in the shower waiting for the water to heat up). As for it being cave-like? Well, there is a window that lets a lot of light in (to the left of that hanging bath towel) in addition to the other lighting in the room.

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Thanks for the photos, hsw_sc. One thing that makes a difference in your MIL's shower is the pony wall on the right. DH and I had already been thinking about adding a pony wall.

I think what we've concluded is that we don't want a long narrow shower with only the short wall made of glass. We're going to forgo a small closet and rotate the planned shower by 90 degrees to have a long wall of glass. We're also thinking of not having an enclosed toilet room and having a pony wall instead.

Here's a similar layout of what we're planning, except the toilet would be where the bath is in this picture and the shower wouldn't be as large:

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Be sure to locate your shower controls within easy reach of the door, so you can turn on the shower before you step in, and without getting wet.

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Good point, dianne!

We met with our architect this evening and have decided on a fairly square corner shower with a single angled glass wall. I think it's a good compromise and will make the bath look a bit more spacious.

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