Who pays utilities during construction?

sue_sfFebruary 22, 2013

If it isn't stated either way in the contract, who pays for utilities during construction? Our builder had a propane tank outside for a while to heat the house during drywall phase, which he paid for. He then began running electric heaters inside. We got a $800 electric bill for one month! He says its customary for owner to pay. Most people I have talked to think utilities belong to the builder until we receive certificate of occupancy.

Is there a "standard" here?

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I think if it is not stated in your contract, the bill is in your name and you would own it. I may be wrong but......

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Our builder is going to pay utilities during construction, but if you don't have an understanding with your builder, than I agree with millworkman.

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Go lock up your thermostat.

I think that is your bill. But, if you don't want more $800/mo ones, then you need to close up the house at night, or protect your thermostat.

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YOU are going to end up paying it either directly, or through your builder (with the possibility of his mark up).

It depends on what type of contract you have and what it says, but just like the portable john, you end up paying for it one way or another.

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We haven't gotten our first bill yet but should anytime now, and I am dreading it!!
One day I went in and the crew working had left the heat on 90 overnight. Not sure why, but I was just floored.
I now make it a point to run by every night and knock it down to about 65.

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The utilities are in my name, so they are my bills to pay. If they are doing Sheetrock, your house needs to be kept warm so the mud will dry.

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We are paying over here. Good thing I just ordered checks! I have never written as many checks in my life as I have in the last three months.

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You end up paying one way or another. The house needs to dry out, so keeping it a bit warmer than ususual will actually help with that. It's just part of the unexpected expenses that your contingency should cover.

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You pay for everything used to build your house; the issue is whether or not you have already paid for it in your contract and only you can know what your contract says.

I have never seen the cost of electricity included in a contract price however it should be made clear what fuel will be used for heat in order to minimize the cost.

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We're paying all of ours, but we are also not going through a builder to build our house. It sucks paying gas, electric, insurance, etc on a house we don't live in yet! I'm on my third tank of propane in about a month. :/

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