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rabbit8August 12, 2011

Hi, I have a 2006 vw beetle and for about 9 months now I have static in my speakers and have taken my car to the vw dealer repair shop to have this fixed. They have put a new radio in and the static is still there whenever I turn on my raido or play a cd. Can anyone tell me what the problem may be? I really do need your help. I missed from playing my music without the static in the background. Thanks so much for your help.

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I assume the static is from all speakers and not just one. Sounds like a a bad ground somewhere in the electrical system that's putting noise into the audio signal. Especially with a CD where there is no dependency on the quality of the radio signal. Obviously, if they replaced the radio, then the problem is somewhere else. Have them trace the wiring and find the source.

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Take you car to someone who specializes in car radios and sound systems. Dealerships do not necessarily have personnel versed in radio and electronic repair.

In this case, a description of the noise, or better yet, actually hearing it, is diagnostic. Is it intermittent? Steady? A buzz or hum? Only make noise when the car is moving (could be the static buildup static shorting spring is missing in the wheel bearing caps, or loose connection disturbed by road bumps); sputs in time with the engine ignition.

Since it happens for both the radio and CR player, suspect the final amplifer section and wiring and ground to the speakers. If you have an upscale sound system, likely, there is an auxiliary output amplifier somewhere that drives the speakers. This amplifier may not be under the dash. Favorite places are under a front or back seat and sometimes in the trunk. You'll need to invest in a good repair manual to chase it down. or buy service from someone who has the manual and knows how to trace problem circuits.

Intermittent sputs of noise is often caused by loose connections, loose grounds, or wires broken inside the wire insulation.

If the noise is limited to the door speakers, suspect broken wires inside the insulation and where the wire is flexed when the door opens. If the noise appears at all speakers, trace the signal wires from the radio to the amplifier; and check the power supply wires to the amplifier.

The shop has replaced the radio. The problem could be in the remote amplifier if present.

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Thanks so much for your expert advice. I can't thank you enough. My computer was down. I don't know much about cars (being a female). They claimed they put in a new radio/cd player at the vw dealership, but it still makes static noise every now and then.

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