Kitchen Aid Architect II Double Wall Oven or Electrolux Icon?

cookie23March 19, 2013

Hi, we are just starting a kitchen remodel and we are in them midst of deciding upon appliances.

We have decided upon the Wolf 6 burner gas rangetop, and are now looking for a double wall oven to complement that. Considered the Wolf, but due to cost, we are exploring other options.

We are down to the Electrolux Icon and the Kitchen Aid Architect II.

I have read of people having problems with glass shattering on the KA when using self clean, but I thought this problem has since been resolved.

Like the look of the Electrolux (as well as the matching french door refrigerator), but salesman in a store (that does not carry that brand) warned that they are are prone to problems. Also, have read complaints on this forum about the racks.

Really just looking for some recent experience with either model. Also considered GE Cafe Line, but again, heard that GE is prone to problems also.

Thanks for the help.

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Don't have personal experience with either, but I have read consistently here that Electrolux Icon is one of the best ovens at any price. Love the functions and the slide out racks.

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Hi Cookie - Did you ever select your oven? I'm curious to know which you chose and how it is? I am also deciding between KA II and Electrolux double ovens. Thanks!

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Hi -

We looked at both and went with the Electrolux Icon double set and absolutely love them. We've been in our kitchen since March, so it's not forever, but they've been a dream. Cook really well and I really like the controls. Easy to figure out - and I didn't expect how much I'd like that they fade out when you're not using it so it's a clean front except the clock.

The gliding racks are fantastic - don't know who's had problems with them (read one who cleaned the gliders with something which had an affect on them?) But that was one of my KEY decisions.

All three racks in both ovens glide - as opposed to the one in the KA Architect II. I asked and you can pay extra to get the gliders for the other racks but if I was spending for a double set, why would I want to pay more!

The only feedback I have (and I posted this elsewhere) is that we placed them above the Electrolux warming drawer for a full stack. That makes the controls slightly above my eye height - and I am 5' 11"! I don't use the top rack of the upper at all b/c even though it slides, I have to lift the food up to get it there. Even the mid is a little higher than usual but I'm tall and hubby is 6'2". My advice would just be to put them in a regular double oven cabinet - I would have liked them slightly lower. That said, my 9 yr is a budding chef and even she can reach the controls so it's not that huge of a deal.

Pics below - I think you'll be really happy if you go with the Elux Icon set, but best of luck either way!


P.S. Not sure if this is a remodel/new with cabinets or a replacement, but we put a "tray" cabinet in above the oven and it's fantastic.

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I just wanted to chime in that I also have a "tray" cabinet above our double ovens and it is my favorite thing in the whole kitchen. A real problem solver!

I also have double KA Architect ovens and have never had a problem in the 13 years since my remodel. And I do use self-clean. Since mine are older I can't compare them to today's models.

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Thanks for the great recs! This process of selecting appliances for my remodel is much more confusing than I would have expected, so I appreciate the insights.
I saw them in person today and I must say that the KA architect ii is beautiful , but the doors are really large and it seems like it might be hard to put things in the oven and pull them out without burning myself. Im small (only 5'2") Has anyone encountered this? The elux is nice too but the racks did sem flimsy and I don't think it's as aesthetically pleasing as the KA.
If anyone else has info to share regarding KA II double oven and elux, I'd appreciate it. I know there are already some forums about this, but they are already a few years old and the models have changed
thanks in advance!

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Jade, have you by chance baked cookies in the 27"? We are looking at the 30" (had a 27" in our prior home and it was a fine size for us, but my very large cookie sheets didn't have much space around them and consequently cookies didn't bake evenly).

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sjhockeyfan - were you asking me? I posted something under the Elux double oven thread about roasting large turkeys in my 27" oven. I didn't say in that thread that there's enough room for a side dish (sweet potatoes) to be baked on another rack - just make sure the dish is low. It's an amazing little oven.

I bake a lot, always large batches, so yes, I bake cookies in the oven regularly. I always load the oven fully, all 3 racks, using half size (13" x 18") sheets. They bake very evenly without any need to rotate pans. I always use convection bake and pre-heat for a good 20 minutes. Cakes come out evenly browned and baked when I put pans on 2 racks, widely separated to allow for rising. Ditto with breads and rolls.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Cheryl - that's exactly what I wanted to know. In my previous KA 27" convection oven, cookies definitely did NOT bake evenly. I had to rotate the sheets even though it was convection. So, I'm leaning toward the Electrolux, not sure yet whether we'll get the 27" or the 30".

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