Cheep trick to increase fuel economy

gary__August 26, 2005

If anyone wants to try this, have at it.

I won't dump any in my gas unless I'm sure it doesn't damage injectors or seals in the fuel system.

Here is a link that might be useful: acetone

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I wouldn't do it either. The price of these chemicals is going up too. I bought a gallon of lacquer thinner the other day for $10. Last time I bought it was about $6. Motor oil (standard Valvoline) was about $1.25 a year ago and I think it's pushing $2 now. All these things are going up.

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I would have to think that one of the oil companies would use some acetone and then claim the mileage benefits...
So far - nothing.
One problem is the insane emissions concern, another is litigation - these will be the death of our nation unless they are controlled..

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This wasn't covered in the acetone site:

What happens to the acetone in the fuel if the heap sits for 3 weeks w/o being drove? Does it remain mixt or evaporate off?

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The best way to get better gas mileage is simply to lighten your right foot.By keeping my Matrix away from redline I average a solid 34 mpg now!Still see big suvs ripping down the interstate at 75-80 mph,guess they're not worried about the high price of gas.

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Don't waste your time. "Tom" will never be back ...

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Heh. I can lose. My car doesn't run on gasoline...

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The cost of the acetone isn't that big of a factor. You use it in pretty small quantities. I calculated that at the current price of acetone, it would cost about $0.67 to treat a full (20 gallon) tank of fuel.

At the current price of gas, assuming a 10 percent increase in economy, you would save about $5. Reduce that savings by the price of acetone and you are still ahead.

The big "IF" is the increase in fuel economy. Some have reported no benefit and others have reported 30% increases in economy. I would be very suspect of anything over 15% and I don't doubt that in some cases it results in no benefit or even a slight decrease in economy.

Acetone is a strong solvent but it looks like it doesn't cause any problems with seals/gaskets/etc even in much higher concentrations than what is recommended. However, it may loosen up carbon deposits and clean out the fuel system and engine. Hopefully the carbon deposits that are broken up are small enough that they don't cause any clogging of injectors, filters etc. Not much has been written about this that I have been able to find.

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There's different views out there on this.
(Replace the xx of course)
From what I've experienced with the chemical, I think these comments are pretty accurate. "Pays your money and takes your chances" I'd say.

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