Linoleum Shower Surround

johnorangeMarch 14, 2010

I was just thinking back and realized I hadn't seen anyone discuss linoleum shower surrounds. I'm sorry I didn't get a photo of one I did during a remodel in a previous house. I asked several people why I couldn't use linoleum on the walls in my shower and everyone said it would eventually get wet behind the linoleum and it just wouldn't work. Not being one to take good advice, I prepped the walls with plywood and used corner moulding to round the corners. I installed the bath tub and then began the linoleum install. I selected a good quality linoleum with a rock pattern and a glossy finish. I cut it so it would extend across all three walls with no seams. I also allowed for 3" of extra length so I could fold the bottom edge back as a sort of "hem" to ensure water could not come in contact with the backing. I did the hem first, applying some waterproof linoleum adhesive the the bottom six inches of backing and made a 3" fold back and used pressure to make a good crease. That done, I applied adhesive to the wall and carefully applied the linoleum to it. It was a trick to position on the wall but it worked. I overlapped the bottom of the linoleum over the lip of the tub and the screws that secured the tub rim to the walls. I should have pointed out the tub was a fiberglass tub. I used a plastic/vinyl trim to cover the edge of the linoleum on the tub perimiter. I used the shower for several years before I sold the house and I was amazed at how maintenance-free that shower wall was. I occasionally used a soap scum remover on the tub but the linoleum was almost maintenance-free.

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Sophie Wheeler

Honey, I'm in Mississippi where we have some pretty pitiful trailers in some very rural and unsophisticated areas and I guarantee you that none of these folks would even consider doing something so cheesy as put linoleum on the shower wall. Even folks with limited incomes know better than to throw it away by devalueing their home so much, much less compromising it's structural integrity.

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Our house had vinyl flooring as a tub surround with a marble pattern. Not only was it ugly, it did leak. I can't believe I lived with it for fifteen years......

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This is a forum where we can share our sucesses and challenges and be open to thinking outside of the box just a little. In my case, I was working with a mobile home and it was very much an improvement and it looked very nice even after my three or so years of use. Beyond the appearance, it was sealed much better and didn't leak around the trim like the original did so the structural integrety was improved, not compromised. As for the budget, I wouldn't propose a good quality linoleum with waterproof glue as a cheap alternative.

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