XM Satellite Radio

cheerful1_gwAugust 28, 2006

Our new Honda comes with 3 free months of XM Satellite Radio; will cost $12.95 per month afterwards. What has been your experience with this? I like the idea of commercial-free radio, but not sure if it's worth the cost.

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I love XM in my 06 Accord and have gotten to where I probably couldn't drive a car without it. I've heard that XM offers incredible deals, such as $77 upfront for the entire year, but you have to ask for it and sometimes hang up on one customer rep.(if they turn you down) and call another one who will honor the deal. I do a lot of highway traveling and I LOVE being able to listen to the same channel throughout the entire trip. If there isn't anything good on XM at the time, I'll still surf the FM stations every now and then.

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I would like to have XM and have listened to it.But I will pass on it.Because it is another monthly bill.I wonder where it stops.All the new technology they come up with.So they can get there hands in your pockets every month.I remember when TV was free but only had 3 channels.I remember when you only had 1 phone bill.But now you can call from anyplace.Its all good but im just not ready to pay to listen to the radio yet.

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If I had to spend a lot of time in the car I would do it.
I have DishNEtwork and they have Sirius music you can turn into with the TV. And there's always something on to listen to. (I know it's not XM but I have to believe it's similar) At home, I subscribe to rhapsody which has radio stations that aren't too good but you can select what songs you want to hear and make your own playlist. Since that's not available in a car, I use CD's. I don't like what commercial radio has become. 10 mins of music & filler and concert announcements and stupid personalities followed by 5 minutes of commercials. I refuse to listen to that.
In fact, I go to the radio station's websites to see what's on their playlists and add some of those songs to my playlist to keep it fresh.

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Well I changed my mind about XM radio.I started listening and im now hooked.I have it im my cars in my house and might set it up for a portable boom box considering adding it to a Job sight type radio like Dewalt possibly.

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I have Direct TV and we have XM with the package. But they had to limit the channels we get because of the language.
But one is wanting to buy out the other so there will be only one company. And in a monopoly the prices go up every time.
That's one nice thing about Allentown, PA where cable TV started. There are two companies vying for the customers. Competition. If you don't like Service Electric (The originator of cable TV in 1948) you can call the competition and switch.

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I have Sirus and I love it. We did renew ours when our first year was up. It is worth the money.

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