Letting a Car Sit in Garage for 3 Months

CassandraAugust 18, 2011

Hello all--I'm going on an extended trip abroad and my car (a 2007 VW Rabbit in excellent condition and recently tuned up) will have to sit in my garage for 3 months. I wish there were someone to start it up or take it for a spin but for various reasons this will not occur. Are there any measures I should take so that it has a fighting chance of starting up when I return? A friend suggested I add a gas stabilizer--is that recommended and how do I do that? Anything else? Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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The gas stabilizer will help ( just put some recomended amount in the full tank) but make sure you run it after you put it in so it gets in the fuel lines and in the system. I would fill the tires up a bit more and disconnect the battery! Unless you have a trickle charger.
Good luck
ps I could come over and start it for you! lol.

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