Misc Small Bathroom Cabinet Issues

happsMarch 21, 2014

Last year, a post of mine on Cardell cabinets seemed to have caused quite a debate on customer expectations and whether certain flaws and install issues are the onus of the dealer or manufacturer.

I just had new bathroom cabinets installed--NOT Cardell obviously since they are out of business, but another manufacturer who shall remain nameless. The dealer has been pleasant to work with so far and is coming back soon to install a new end panel. Immediately after the install, I noticed a few minor issues listed below.

1) On the VDB1234, the middle drawer wobbles in a left/right motion right when the soft close part engages.

2) The VDB1534 middle drawer doesn't fully close and on the back of the drawer box (the non visible outside part) there are two "u" shaped metal pieces on the lower left and right. Well on the lower left, there is a phillips screw instead. Sometimes, after the soft close part doesn't engage on it either.

3) on two VDB1234 units, the top drawers slant to the right.

4) The horizontal spaces between the drawers/doors in uneven.

5) Installer didn't put scribe moulding in a couple of spots at the end of the cabinet.

Do you think these issues can be easily rectified by the dealer? Am I am reasonable in asking for them to be fixed?

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Sophie Wheeler

Install issues. Again. He didn't adjust the drawers.

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Do you think it would be best if the dealer had the same installer correct the issues or to have the dealer send out another installer to correct them? The dealer mentioned they work with different installers.

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Happy to report that all the problems were fixed easily with no hassles from the dealer.

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