Seat covers for '65 Mustang bench seat

michelle_phxazAugust 22, 2008

I have a 1965 Mustang with a rare bench seat. Driving here in Phoenix gets so hot, that I use an old towel to sit on, but I have nothing for the back of the seat that will stay put.

I would like to find a terrycloth or absorbent slip-cloth cover (perhaps elastic edging) to keep us from sweating so much when we drive it.

Does anyone know where to find this? Thanks!

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My next door neighbor had a Mustang with the "bench" seat. Those bench seats were so rare that I don't think anybody even made seat covers for them.
I believe your best bet is to find an auto interior shop and have them custom made.

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I know, I was so excited to find the bench seat in my car but that vinyl is not so fun here in AZ! I think I will see if I can't make something up myself, I want something that I can slip on and off quickly, I don't need them to look good, I just need them to keep me dry.

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