Paint Doors When!?

kberrie1February 22, 2013

When should you paint the doors...before or after they are hung?


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Interior or exterior? Are you purchasing prehung or slabs and site hung? Or do you mean before or after the doors are installed in the openings?

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I know stain is a bit different, but in one house the painters stained prior to hanging. The next house stain and final coat came after hanging. These were wood interior doors.

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On my remodel, we had prehung doors. One contractor (phase 1 of remodel) painted them before they were nailed into place. The new contractor (phase 2 of remodel) hung/nailed in place all doors before painting.

I think it is preference.

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Interior MDF prehung for new construction.

We are painting ourselves and our builder wants to hang them first, but I was thinking it would be better to paint first.

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In my opinion put the first coat on before hanging them, this way you can be certain that the tops, bottoms and behind the hinges have a coat of paint on them. Then once they are in place and the bulk of the construction is done put the finish coat on.

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Mine were sprayed before they were hung then painted again after they were hung.

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