American Express Auto Insurance???

californiaplayaAugust 1, 2005

Yes, the same AmEx that does credit cards and travel insurance and everything else. Has anyone on here used them or have any info about their auto insurance?

I was in Costco over the weekend and picked up a brochure for their auto insurance that is offered by AmEx. I got a quote online and it is about 35% ($565 a year) lower than my current insurance for two vehicles and with higher coverage.

I didn't even know they do auto insurance. They have an A rating, but so do a lot of other companies. I'm wondering how they are to work with when it comes time for a claim. I haven't had a claim for ten years, but I don't want a company thats a pita to work with if I need to file a claim.

I'm currently with Unitrin and am not necessarily looking to switch, but I thought I was already getting a pretty good rate . . . until I checked out AmEx.


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If there customer service is as good as their card services - I would think their service is excellent. I didn't know they had insurance either but it is a profitable business.

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I don't know about AMEX's auto insurance, but I did switch to their homeowner's insurance two years ago, and got very good rates. They seem to be strict about things however (they actually sent an inspector who came out to my house and verified my smoke detectors and deadbolt locks). BTW their policies (homeowner)are now handled by IDS Property & Casualty (at least mine was)

CaliforniaPlaya: Take that "A" rating with a grain of salt.
Many insurance companies Have A+++, AA , etc. ratings with A.M. Best, and other rating agencies. I would still look into their services. Good luck.

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There is usually some catch to saving money - sometimes I wonder if it is worth the trouble.

The two companies should fill in a "blank form " that you give them, but I'll bet they do not...
Maybe the present company will cut you a break - given the situation..
The blank form :
how much for this coverage ?
how much for comprehensive?
for total collision
OEM or junk yard parts ?
for partial(50%) collision
number of cases pending litigation ?
and many other things as well

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I just went to their site to get more info and got the following message:
Effective August 1, 2005, the American Express Property Casualty companies are Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance.

Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance is underwritten by AMEX Assurance Company or IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company, De Pere, WI. Both companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Ameriprise Financial, Inc., expected to become independent of American Express on or after September 30, 2005.

Learn more about this change, other changes to names of certain affiliated companies, and the anticipated separation from American Express Company by clicking on the Corporate Entities and Important Disclosures link at the bottom of this page. All other information on this site remains the same and does not change. I understand that some American Express companies and businesses have changed their names and that, for my convenience, I will see this message only once.

Sounds like AmEx insurance isn't going to be AmEx for much longer . . . maybe not a good time to switch.

tom418 - As far as AmEx being strict, thats kind of what I'm getting at. If they are so strict when it comes time to file a claim that they are hard to work with, it probably is not worth the switch. I don't have any first hand experience, but I've heard many times that is how AAA is, atleast here in California, even when working with their own policyholders.

And you are right earthworm, a lot of times their is a catch to saving money and you do get what you pay for. I like your idea of a fill-in-the-blank form, but I'm sure they'd just laugh and hand it back.

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I have had AMEX auto insurance for at least 15 years and I also found their rates cheaper than a previous insurance company that I had.
As for service, and responding and yes paying a claim I found them to be far and away better than any other auto insurance company that I had.
I am not an employee of this company, but I can't say enough positive things about them from my own personal experiances

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I have their Auto and Home Insurance for over 5 years now and they not only gave me the best prices but I get discount as being their valuable AMEX card customer for over 10+ years.

I got involved in couple of fender benders where I was at fault and they didn't care to increase my premium either.

Customer service is as best as it can be.

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I just checked their site though its down. Anyway you can go and check free quotes online to compare quotes side by side, and maybe AMEX is one of the companies that they are connected with, heres the site i went to is www.insurancepaylite, hope this helps though its kinda an old thread, I think this will benefit the viewers of this great forum.

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August 2006 Ameriprise Home Inurance that I got from Costco 3 years ago and have renewed faithfully on my CC is NOW ATTEMPTING to RAISE MY RATES 72% and tell me thatthey are switching me to their Casualty company because as a Result of their spinoff from AMEX that this is the way they will be handling home owners this renewal period?
They sent me certified letter with my policy renewal saying that because of recent losses they need to "spread the risk" 72% increase proposed. I couldn't believe it.

Called 2 relatives in NC asked them what they had - made the call to Farm Bureau Insurance ( mutal insurance company) & now have coverage through them at a cheaper price. Attempted Bait & switch thwarted. All these insurance companies that become public stock companies end up charging their user base more $$$. Geico may auto insurance cariier farmed its homeowner business out to Travelers Insurance. The insurance business (iff you can get it) is going to be rocky this year, Heard ALLSTATE stopped writing in ANY hurricane prone area. Maybe that's why they are doing all them TV ads.

BTW--I did send AMEX a letter telling them that AMERIPRISE/IDS Casualty is no longer AUTHORIZED to bill my AMEX account too ! Let them renew that !

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