scratch remover

jos69August 11, 2005

I would like to know if that scratch remover for paint,does it really work.

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If you're talking about polishing compound or rubbing compound, yes, they work if the scratch is not deep, but you have to be careful with them or you can rub the paint right off your car.

The type of scratch that's going to be helped by these products is a light scratch that may have come from something lightly brushing up against the paint. If it's a deep scratch where the paint is gone and you're either down to primer or bare metal, then you have to touch it up using primer and/or paint.

Polishing compound is a little less harsh than rubbing compound, so I'd try polishing compound first. Follow the directions on the product carefully for proper use. Usually you will use a wet cloth, get a little of the compound on it, and gently rub it on and around the mark you want to remove using even circular patterns.

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Thanks for the info.

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If you wish not to take a chance, you can always practice on some inconspicuous painted area, maybe under the hood...

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