Sources for car seat covers?

soozAugust 27, 2010

If anyone knows of a good, reliable place to order car seat covers, I'd really appreciate the info. We have a 1995 Volvo and the leather is starting to show some real wear and tear. DH has asked for seat covers for the Volvo as a birthday gift.

Thanks for any help!



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Google automobile seat covers. You will find plenty. Not cheap.

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Thanks, Don. I did happen to google this and ended up with gazillions of links! Waaaay too many to follow, which is why I posted here, in the hopes that someone knew of some place from personal experience.
Thanks again for your suggestion! I do love Google!

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Try this in Google after you have gotten a million hits.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "search on results". When the input box appears, add another defining term such as the year of the car, model name, or words such as sedan or wagon. This will pare down the selection and the first few listed may be what you want. If there is too much chaff, repeat the process.

To educate yourself on how google has entered your search terms, click on "advanced search" and the advanced search page should appear with all your inputs.

By default, I start with the advanced search page - saves time.

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Thanks for the mini-lesson in how to finesse google searches, jemdandy! I really appreciate it!

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