power steering pump on 98 ford ranger

author62August 4, 2008

Hi All,

My truck has developed the loudest whining noise - even w/ the windows rolled up! Sound is driving me insane! I was told the power steering pump needs to be changed. I live in a small town that has only two repair shops. One said he didn't want to do it, the other said he didn't have the special tool needed to do it. Question is, what is this tool and can I get it myself. Other question is what else could be causing this noise?

thanks in advance,


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The special tool is a puller for the pump pulley, and then the re-installer. The bolts that hold the pump to the bracket are behind the pulley, and the bracket also only has an opening sufficient for the pump shaft to stick through, so no matter what, the pulley has to come off in the car, and then be pressed back on in the car.

Yes you can buy the tool, for a cheap version, you'll be spending about $50. For one that will last over many uses, figure about $200.

As far as your local small shops not already owning this tool, that directly comes from the very likely possibility that they are underpriced, and therefore have to control expenses to the point that they cannot purchase tools like this. I can only imagine what else they SHOULD be buying in scan tools, DSO's DVOM's, information sources, and above all training. But they have themselves caught in a downward spiral. Seriously, expect them to go out of business fairly soon, and at the same time you can almost be assured that no one will be there to replace them. The reason for that is for someone to be able to get another shop going, they would have to price correctly. Which means not like the two you presently have. Then they will have to struggle through all of the endless times that they will hear "but Henry down the street will do that for half that price".

Yea, your in for a rough ride when it comes to keeping your vehicles running.

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Check the power steering fluid level. A whining noise can develop when the fluid is low - uncovering the pump rotor. However, this noise is not as loud as the one you describe.

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The pumps on those vehicals were no good from day one.
Yours just got louder. Replacing it might help. Are you using the proper fluid ? You had better not be putting A.T.F. in your pump. If you are make sure you replace the
steering rack with the pump.

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