Faded brake/tail light lenses

Joe94555August 8, 2005

Anyone know a good way to fix faded, oxidized, and dull looking brake light lenses and front turn signal lenses. I have a 95 Camry I replaced the headlights on and now I want to recondition the other lenses on the car. They're not too bad since the car has been kept in a garage, so I'm hoping I can polish them. Otherwise I'll have to shell out $100 per tail light!

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If the lenses are "crazed", the crazing may go too deeply to polish out. One source of crazing in acrylics and polycarbonates is solvents in auto waxes and cleaners. Unless a wax is specifically rated as safe for the lense material, it should never be applied to these plastic parts. In my opinion, after the solvents have evaporated, the residue would not pose any chemical harm to the lamp assemblies.

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Remember the good old days when glass was used for lights and gages ?
Plastic cannot take the sun's infra-red rays..
There are plastic cleaner/polishes on the market, but a man must be careful...

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