Rear Brake Worn Out Faster?!

mister_hAugust 28, 2006

2004 Toyota Camry 40,000 miles.

The rear brake was making an intermittent metallic squealing noise and when I checked the disc pads, they were almost gone! I thought this was really odd because the car's most mileage is all highways without much braking at all. So, I checked the front brake pads and they looked fat, almost brand new. How could rear brake pads wear out so much faster thant the front? I don't remember not even once I drove the car with the side brake on by a mistake. Can anyone explain this?

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It sounds like something is wrong with either the brake pads or the rear brakes have been dragging. I would have the front brakes checked to make sure they are operating as well. If just the rear brakes are working and you had to make an emergency stop the rear would skid and spin around quickly. I had a Toyota pickup once which had drum rear brakes and they did not have to be replaced until 127,000 miles.


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Couple things it could be. If the rear calipers aren't working properly, they might not be fully releasing so the rear pads drag. I had to replace the calipers on my 94 Integra (first replaced the front then the rear a couple years later). I noticed a lot of wear and intermittent squealing on the rear brakes prior to doing this.

There is also a proportioning valve that is supposed to send the proper brake line pressure to each of the brakes and normally it doesn't send half to the front and half to the rear because the front end is much heavier so it needs to have more braking. If this is sending too much braking pressure to the rear you could be seeing too much wear there.

If I were you I might just replace the rear pads (check the rotors too) and see if the squealing goes away (it probably won't). If it doesn't, get some new calipers.

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